Facebook introduced new service 2G Tuesday 2015

2G Tuesday|Facebook:

Developing applications that really helps out the users to do what they are willing to do is the key criteria for a successful application. But if you don’t know what the user is going through to use your services you can’t possibly achieve a stable state with your application, specifically speaking everyone uses your app with a good internet connection but those who don’t what can they do, well to solve that issue Facebook has introduced a new program in its service that’s ‘2G Tuesdays’. With this initiative developers have to use the apps like FB messenger with a slow internet connection of 2g connectivity.

facebook introduce 2G-Tuesdays for there user


This initiative has helped people at Facebook to identify what problems their apps have that couldn’t have had been identified at slower connections, the engineers themselves think that they didn’t knew that these issues arise at these sort of connections and this initiative has helped to correct our apps for a more generic condition. Our QA is always good but maybe we haven’t had such a slow connection to test with, now that we are doing it ourselves we get the feeling that comes when we use it so slow, glitches that we haven’t ever seen arise at those times that we have started to correct.

facebook introduce 2G-Tuesdays for there users

2G Tuesday

Although this service this opt-in that means you can choose to use your services with this speed, and on top of that this doesn’t count in for the whole day. It just goes on for the first four hours of your day. This initiative is quite positive from Facebook that’s right now dealing with the free internet service internet.org that has an initiative of providing the whole world with free internet. This would help to make internet.org more generic and to make the apps work accordingly. Mostly the areas of Asia will be helped by this initiative because most areas are underdeveloped and don’t have proper internet access.



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