5 Prominent missing features in new iPhone SE smartphone

Apple Released its special edition iPhone SE;5 Prominent features in iPhone SE smartphone

iPhone SE on 31st March, 2016. It makes sense, if you pay less you can have more. So iPhone SE is a cheaper smartphone with great features available for the users. This smartphone from the inside is almost similar to iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s. It is a sort of mini version of iPhone 6s. It has the same 12MP iSight camera and M9 co-processor as iPhone 6s. Along with the advantages of this version there are also certain demerits observed in iPhone SE. It has 5 prominent missing features which should not have been eradicated from the smartphone. The absence of these features seems to be quite a disappointment in the iPhone SE success.  The detail of these 5 prominent missing features in iPhone SE are is given below.

 5) Improved Front Camera:

Just like in iPhone 6s, apple did successfully manage to pack a snazzy 12MP camera in iPhone SE as well. But when it was the turn of front camera, instead of it being improved or similar to the front face time camera of iPhone 6s, iPhone SE was only given with a 1.2MP front camera. This is quite the dumbest mistakes being made so far by the Apple Company. So this tells that the front camera of iPhone 6s is quite powerful than iPhone SE. And this is the 5th one of those 5 missing prominent features in iPhone SE.

 4) Touch ID sensor:

 Another missing prominent feature in iPhone SE is the new touch ID. Iphone SE doesn’t have that zippy touch ID sensor like that found in iPhone 6s. The touch ID sensor used in iPhone 6s is second generation. But in iPhone SE the touch ID sensor used is from the first generation which is quite slow than iPhone 6s.

3) 3D Touch Display Missing:

If you touch the screen of iPhone 6s, hoping to see that something would happen, well we are afraid to burst your bubble of excitement that nothing’s going to happen.The screen in iPhone 6s doesn’t distinguish pressure. However, in iPhone SE, a tap is just a tap which is hilarious.

2) A Good Screen:

At number 2 out of the 5 prominent missing features in iPhone SE, we discuss about a great screen feature. The resolution of the screen in iPhone 6s is incredibly great from its predecessors. It should have been the same with iPhone SE or probably better. But unfortunately, the screen resolution in iPhone SE is below 720phd and so is the contrast ratio which is quite lower than that found in iPhone 6s. However, iPhone SE do have a better and sharp HD image quality.

1) Memory option of 128GB Missing:

This is one of the most important ones in the list of 5 prominent missing features in iPhone SE. iPhone SE is available with only 16GB and 64GB storage options. This is the year 2016! And the applications are huge and cameras area great then why on earth is there no option provided for 128GB space storage capacity in iPhone SE? it’s a huge and critical question from the Apple Company. If iPhone SE does have a 4k video recording functionality then SPACE is must which unfortunately is quite a feature that it lacks.

image via gsmarena

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