Android Marshmallow What To Expect of it

Android Marshmallow|Features

Google has really steeped the gear up with the number of modifications in their OS after the release of Android 4.0 and the race has continued up now till Android 6.0. In the recent times Google has focused on many new features like better Camera Optimization and better Graphics, but the main problems with the phones were generally to be the issues like the Battery life. The phone lags that the phone would be having. People have often complained about these issues but it’s not in Google’s hand to do everything it’s also because of the complexity of the applications that get your phone to lag.

Google Released Android Marshmallow and Features

Android Marshmallow Features

But this time it seems that it has been sorted out to quite an extent as google claims that their new update would be having major battery life improvements which would help your battery to last longer. Along with that due to the increasing demand google has also putted in some standardized control for the Finger print scanners. That are coming with almost all the flagship phones this year. Along with that Android 6.0 has gotten major volume control improvements also the introduction of USB type C is done in this model.

Android Marshmallow and features

Android Marshmallow

This all sounds really great and gets you excited to test this new OS. But the sad part is you would only get the OTA update this month if you are a nexus user. as other smartphones vendors work out on the updates and provide their custom ROM’s then after. It is expected that LG would be the first one’s of the third party vendors to be getting the updates and if Samsung speeds its up it maybe second one to roll out the updates but this would be a competition between Motorola and Samsung to roll out the updates.

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