Apple’s OS X EI Capitan and Microsoft Windows 10 which one is the Best ?

War between Apple’s OS X EI Capitan and Microsoft windows 10

Apple OS X EI Capitan and Microsoft windows 10 which is the best for End Users

The long war between Apple and Microsoft has been going on for many years. In the previous years, Windows have faced numerous setbacks. The battle continued until Apple released Mac OS X El Captain and Microsoft on the other hand released Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows Releases:

Microsoft has been releasing Windows as and Operating System to run on the PCs. Microsoft Windows XP proved to be quite a stable and reliable OS for Microsoft. For more than 12 long years it continued to be in use as a supporting OS for the computers because Microsoft released Windows Vista that failed badly probably because it was too much slow and had incompatible applications and it was totally unreliable.

 In comparison to Vista, Windows 7 was quite a hit in the market and had got the highest credibility. It is still being preferred by many Windows users around the globe. Windows 7 was released after 10 months when Windows Vista failed. More and more people were likely to be seen accepting Windows 7 and gave positive feedback. But sadly, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 could not maintain and continue the same momentum as Windows 7. The start menu user interface did not really allow the users to use it as the way they wanted. Windows rather made it more uncomfortable and complicated. The modern UI only worked properly and accurately in tablet not in the laptops and PCs.

Comparison between Apple’s OS X El Capitan and Microsoft Windows 10:

After numerous complaints and issues that people faced, thankfully Windows 10, released on 29 July, 2015, brought back the start feels like the old Windows style of the 90s has returned again and has made many users excited and enthusiastic about its release.Windows 10 has managed to keep balance between the touch screen environment and desktops. It offers X Box Gaming support and along with that introducing web browser too. It has turned out to perform good and yield better results when it comes to multitasking. The best thing about it is that Windows 10 uses less hardware space and is quite faster than the others.

Now Apple’s Mac Operating System has always been on the height of success. Mac OS X has had released its many updates over the past ten years. Users enjoyed Mac during the time when Windows had been suffering a great loss by the failure of Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Apple OS X continues to inspire and amaze people of its fast performance and usability. The applications being designed and built are quite tremendous and so Apple has gained enough popularity and fame. Everything seems to work and go fine with Mac. There have been no errors, bugs or any such negative problems encountered.

OS X Leopard brought many innovative features. It is the sixth major release of Mac OS X. it has come with great enhancements and this powerful, redefined version is reasonable too.

OS X has been optimizing significantly and now El Capitan plays a vital in improving things further. It has come up after under the hood changes and improvements in Apple OS X Yosemite. It offers you to perform tasks simultaneously using the split view feature. There have been GUI updates. El Capitan has provided extra spotlight search capabilities for the ease and comfort of users which is pretty amazing.

 Although there have been several advancement and improvements in OS X El Capitan but this is the point where Windows 10 surpasses El Capitan because it has come up with a lot of killer features. The major difference that lies between the two is that Windows 10 is OS designed to work on tablet, phone and PCs. The desktop environment can easily be switched to tablet mode. The touch screen feature is amazing when it comes to interacting with your computer and none of the Apple’s OS has released any such version yet. Apple has different OS like iOS for the iPhone and iPad whereas OS X for the Mac Computers. Moreover, OS X doesn’t even provide Mac users with the availability of touch screen feature as a means of interacting with Mac users. None of their computers have had the touch screen feature like Microsoft’s yet. Due to these points Apple is losing the war until now.

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