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By NextBit Cloud Mobile Computing:

Technology is advancing with leaps and bounds in recent times as there many times when you think this can’t get any better but two month later it is out ruled by a new device the speed of innovation in the last 10 years has been greater than whole mankind. While it may seem that this is the end a new beginning takes place and we are astonished like never before that’s what technology is doing for us.

The same thing is happening with the Smartphone realm as the inter communication technology infrastructure is increasing and becoming faster and slimmer day by day, the pace is so fast that we have 1000 times more greater speed then we had 10 years ago along with that the smartphones are getting more smart day by day and we know them they will become smarter.

With the increasing demands cloud mobile computing is right on the cards and a new company is sitting on the bench just doing that thing, they even are launching a starting variant this year the company is called NextBit which is a public funded company run by Croyle who was formerly HTC’s Vice President of Design and User Experience.

Nextbit’s Robin Android Mobile is the mobile for the future

Nextbit’s Robin Android Mobile

He has a vision to have all of the user data of the phones on clouds including your apps, records and everything you contain on your phone, such on variant of a phone is being released this year named as Robin which is based on Android.

 By NextBit the Cloud Mobileis the Robin Android phone that is the phone for the future

Nextbit’s Robin Android Mobile Feature:

It would be a cloud based phone with most of the data placed online, it would be a starting variant as still 3g/4g ae a bit costly so people wouldn’t be going broke with their budget on just a Smartphone but Croyle says this is a device that will start a revolution for the future as this is the technology that we are heading to in 10 years just as 5g is released data communication would get cheaper and better.

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