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5 Best Free iPhone Games

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What’s the best part about having an iPhone? Of course, the awesome games you get to play on it! There are dozens of action-packed terrific games created by renowned game developers for iOS so be prepared to be dazzled. Whether you love puzzle games, racing games, mystery and thrillers or good old battle games, there are mind-blowing options in each category. You know makes a mobile game even better? Imagine finding out that the latest release you have been waiting for months is available absolutely free! Check out the best free iPhone games that Apple users have been gushing about lately.

1. Cally’s Caves 3 Free iPhone Game

If you have been a fan of the Cally’s Caves series since the first installment you must be going crazy over the third one. This one is definitely better than the last with even more cool features. Meet the new character, Bera, who helps Cally defeat Herbert who has kidnapped her parents and conducting malicious experiments.

2. Clash Royale Best Game For iPhone 6

Everyone should play Clash Royale at least once if they love multiplayer games involving epic battles and fierce soldiers. Not just that but there is magic so you can fight your enemies with magical spells and build an army.

3. King Rabbit Free Game For iPhone 5

Although it is quite easy to understand how this game works, it’s a challenge for your mind because of its puzzle theme at every level. That’s what makes it one of the best free iPhone games around. They get harder as the levels go higher but the rewards become more attractive too so it’s worth it.

4. Leap Day Best Free iPad Game

Do you want to invest in a game that gets better and better every single day? Then Leap Day is the perfect choice for you with fresh locations and monsters every day. You will never get tired and will wake up each morning looking forward to playing.

5. Beneath The Lighthouse Best Game in App Store

This sweet little game is based on a heartwarming story for a boy searching for his lost grandfather. Your task is through find your way through old mechanical wheels that have been constructed beneath the lighthouse.

What are you waiting for? Go to the app store right now and download some of the best free iPhone games which have broken popularity records.

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