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Just because Apple users get all the updates first for popular apps does not mean that Android users are left behind. Since Android game development is more convenient than that of iOS, there is a huge market for exciting games available on Android devices.

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Every year the quality and user experience of Android games sees some breathtaking transformations so they are not meant to be taken lightly. Some of the biggest names in games development have come up with terrific titles lately. Take a peek at some of the best games apps for android out right now.

List of Best Games Apps for Android

1. Crashlands

This is a unique game that quickly became a favorite of Android users. You are the main character, who travels between galaxies. At the start of the game you crash onto an alien planet and must fight for survival.

2. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

What makes this game one of the best Android games ever are the mind blowing visuals that fill up your screen including explosions and complex 3D maps. It has a dozen battle modes and 100 exciting levels to cross.

3. Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Taking fantasy to a whole new level, this awesome game has been picked as the top Android games because it takes the beloved concept of one on one fight and adds a magical touch to it. There are loads of incredible powers you can possess and decks to collect.

4. Pokemon Go

We are pretty sure that you are still not over Pokemon Go. This is a huge franchise because of the hype surrounding it and the additive quality it has. It integrates animations into a real life scene which is why gamers are crazy about it going about catching Pokemons

5. Soulcalibur

Everyone who has ever played on console will agree that the Android version is excellent. It really provides a complete and thrilling user experience with fantastic controls and much loved features included for a fabulous fighting game.

Have you played any of these wonderful games on Android? TageHow simply show you that pick the one you like best and start playing to get addicted to a brand new game in your genre of choice. There are 5 world best game for android users are here.

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