Easy ways to find is jailbreaking safe for iPhone or not?

Risk Factor of jailbreaking:

Easy ways to decide jailbreak is safe for iPhone or not

The concept of jailbreaking has spread like wildfire across people nowadays. It is as if some sort of frenzy has begun. But the question arises, is jailbreaking safe for iPhone or not? If you think to jailbreak your device, it is totally at your own risk. Apple for sure would not be held responsible if you jailbreak your device and face any problem later. Because now your iPhone is not under the protected wings of Apple rather you have chosen to believe and rely on the stranger apps because of the attraction jailbreak has brought with it.

The risk factors after jailbreaking include:

  1. Your device is vulnerable from security’s point of view.
  2. The “sandboxing” feature of your iPhone OS gets deactivated by jailbreaking.
  3. Your personal information is at danger of being accessed by any third party application.
  4. Your iPhone is no longer prone to harmful viruses and errors.

Being unaware of which application you are now installing on your device after jailbreaking might prove to be fatal. So, one must have a heart to face the consequences as well.

Types of Jailbreaking:

There are two different types of jailbreaking which are described below;

  1. Tethered jailbreaking
  2. Untethered jailbreaking.

Tethered jailbreaking is the primitive type of jailbreaking. It is the oldest one in which you connect your iPhone to your laptop or computer and jailbreak your device through an application being downloaded in your computer.


The drawback faced in tethered jailbreaking is that once you restart your device after jailbreaking and the tethered jailbreak doesn’t remain that useful then.

Untethered Jailbreaking is the opposite of the tethered jailbreaking and doesn’t require connecting your iPhone with the computer either.


As this is a permanent type of jailbreak so it is not mostly being advised. People still recommend the temporary tethered jailbreaking.

Purpose of jailbreaking:

People have become so fond of jailbreaking these days. There are two types of people who are involved in jailbreaking one includes those who can’t afford an iPhone in its real price so they prefer going for buying those which are jailbroken as jailbroken iPhones are cheap as compared to the original ones. The other type includes such people who are able to afford the iPhone at its original price and condition, but are curious to explore the wonders of jailbreaking it as they do not like being restricted to applications approved by Apple only. So, as a result their iPhones become exposed to risks and dangers for which the company is not responsible at all.

Android Devices Recommended:

For such people who like to jailbreak their iPhones, the android device is more suitable. They are advised to go for an android device as it is open source and user friendly as well. By being open source, it clearly means that android is not safer at and provides people the ease to download as many apps without and restrictions just like in Apple phones. Apple phones are famous because of their strict security purposes, so jailbreaking your iPhone indirectly converts your iPhone to function like an android device and that is where the question “Is jailbreaking safe for iPhone or not?” is being clearly answered. So instead of violating the rules set by Apple, it is recommended to buy an android phone.

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