Facebook new app “Work Chat” has launched

Facebook new app “Work Chat”:

Facebook for work had been launched in the end of September. Now it is getting a lot more popular in offices people actually like sing its service. Because it’s simple elegant and just like Facebook that’s why they don’t need to learn anything new. What Facebook has just done is that they have introduce a new Work chat app that’s in collaboration of the Facebook at work service. That means now you can contact and chat with all your office bearers in one message.

facebook new app work chat for office's people

work chat

Right now the service is growing and its popularity is increasing still there seem to contain some bugs. That’re effecting the app but they will eventually go away with time as Facebook has a good maintenance team for that.

Work Chat Benefits:

The office bearers with this app can send videos, audios or even collages to any part of the work to any people who are using this service. They would be doing it for free, this is the most significant up when comparing to rivals like Slack, HipChat and Yammer. Work chat is totally different unique and elegant and people are loving it more than any other app by date.

Right now people are thinking that this app would be their perfect partner in terms of office work. As it is fun like WhatsApp and simple as Facebook, this app is only available to those company employees who have Facebook at work service. But Facebook has said that there would be a fermium version that they would be releasing in a short while. The app is soon to be released for IOS users as well as there has been increasing demand for that app on IOS, and people have really been eager to get their hands dirty with this new app.

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