How to fix 4 common LG G4 Mobilephone problems

LG G4 Mobilephone Problem with Possible Fixes

Fix your LG G4 mobilephone problems with tutorial

LG G4 is a smartphone with excellent features and design. It comes in a good and sharp screen display along with some cool features in the camera that are rare. For example, the front camera has OIS(Optical Image Stabilization) which is not found in other smartphones and is a unique key feature of this smartphone that helps in increasing its worth. Another best thing is the removable battery and expandable storage. These all characteristics make it an all in one phone. The review of users regarding this device is mostly positive. But there are also some issues found in the LG G4 mobilephone. These are some basic LG G4 mobilephone problems that could be found in any android smartphone and must be solved.  However, a standard smartphone like LG G4 shouldn’t have had even the basic problems. But the good thing is that it has provided people with some solutions too which puts a good impact on the device. So the 4 basic problems in LG G4 are discussed below.

1) LG G4 Unresponsive Touchscreen Problem:

This is one of the common problems in LG G4. Users have complained about the touch screen going unresponsive at times. They have to tap number of times to perform one action on their device and this becomes time consuming for people which is bad. In order to type special characters long press is required and the keyboard starts lagging displaying the characters slow. Now here are some possible fixes to the problem mentioned above.

  • If it’s your keyboard which is taking longer than usual to display you the special characters on long press you must try using another one like Google keyboard or swift key. This might be a problem solver.
  • Try changing your screen protector. Replace it with the one with good quality. Screen protectors play a major role in the performance of the touch screen.
  • You can try going to the settings and updating your device.

2) LG G4 fails to notify about LED Flash:

The LED continues to flash and blink without any reason. But it gives no notification when the users check up on it. Even after the users dismiss the notifications it still continues to flash randomly. This is an annoying issue even in the previous models and must be solved.

  • Using the clock application can make users get away with this problem.
  • Try removing third party messaging applications temporarily from your device. However, this is not a permanent fix to your problem.
  • If your device comes with an update option, go ahead and update your device. This could also prove to the possible fix for you.
  • Or just turn off your LED from the settings and turn It back on again after a while.

3) LG G4 Bluetooth Connectivity Problems :

Users have been complaining a lot about this problem more than the other ones. They find trouble in connecting their device’s Bluetooth especially when they are in the car.

  • Try turning off your Bluetooth and reconnect it again.
  • Forget the other devices shown in the Bluetooth device options and scan again for the one who are trying to connect.
  • Try closing your device’s music player if you wish to play the music via Bluetooth in your car.
  • There are certain apps too that interfere with the Bluetooth; you might want to try closing such apps too. It is a problem solver too.

4) LG G4 Wi-Fi Connection Problems:

This is one of the most basic problems in LG G4. Wi-Fi issues do occur in any smartphone whether android or Apple. Remember, the device in not always to be blamed for this kind of an issue. If you think that your Wi-Fi is not being connected or is quite slow, try out these common and easy steps to solve the issue.

  • Restart your device.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi from your device’s settings and turn it on again.
  • If the problem persists, try forgetting the other connections too.
  • Reset your router. At times routers have a glitch and we let out all the anger and frustration cursing and complaining about our device. Hopefully this would be a good fix.

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