Top 4 common iPhone 5c problems and their solutions

Solutions of common iPhone 5c problems

Best solutions of common iPhone 5c problems 2016

iPhone launched another model named iPhone 5c after iPhone 5s release. The purpose of launching iPhone 5c was to give the users an advantage to buy an iPhone at a less expensive rate. There are certain differences that lie between iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. iPhone 5c has a back made of plastic as compared to iPhone 5s having the real Apple’s trademarked metal back. Along with some differences there are some simple iPhone 5c problems as well which are discussed below.

1)      Application Deletion Restriction:

One of the iPhone 5c problems is the application deletion restriction. It causes hindrance for users in deleting certain applications. At times, app deletion is necessary to save space. So in order to delete an app you need to make sure that;

  • Your iPhone 5c application deletion setting is enabled.
  • If not, go to settings >General> Restrictions and then turn on the application deletion.

2) Frequent Restarts:

You bought a new iPhone 5c excitedly but after a span of time it restarts, not once, not twice but a number of times. This of course is a terrible headache for you. Now you have a few solutions to this annoying iPhone 5c problem which are;

  • Try restarting your device manually.
  • Go to settings > General > and reset all the settings to default on your device.
  • Uninstall the recently downloaded apps.
  • If none of the above tricks seem to work, simply take your iPhone 5c to the Apple store for repair or replacement.

3) Purple Flare on the Photos:

People have complained about a purple haze on the pictures taken from iPhone 5c camera. There are many articles in which Apple clearly states it as quite normal. Pictures taken in the dark normally cause such an issue. Therefore, the best way to avoid this purple flare is to move your camera out of the darkness.

4) Keyboard Lag and Slow Performance:

Keyboard lag is unfortunately another addition to the common yet frustrating iPhone 5c problems. Typing a message or composing an email in your iPhone 5c is time consuming. It gives 1 or 2 seconds gap between the characters that the user types and is a cause of offense for them. To avoid this problem below are some solutions;

  • Go to settings; disable the data and iCloud in your settings.
  • You can also try resetting all your settings to default.
  • If nothing seems to work, factory reset your device.

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