How to fix 4 common problems in new samsung galaxy S7 Edge

New Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge MobilePhone

How to fix samsung galaxy S7 edgw problems with the best solution

Samsung continues to impress the user by launching wonderful smartphones every year and this year too Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge stood at the top in the list of the 5 best smartphones of the year 2016. Build and designed beautifully, it is a smartphone with almost every feature that the user needs and would enjoy. No doubt, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is water resistant as well as dust resistant but there are still certain common problems found in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which cannot be left untreated.

1) Camera: A Common Problem Found in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

Camera Failure issue is observed to be quite common in Galaxy S7 smartphone users. However, some of the users are also facing the similar problem in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as both have almost the similar features. There are only slight differences which are on the basis of structure most probably. So the problem is that whenever the users try to open the application of the camera, the screen becomes unresponsive and gives a blank display. Sometimes the message of a “Camera Failure” appears too. This problem can be solved as under.

  • Go to Settings > Display and then turn of the Smart Stay feature of the camera. This might be the reason of the camera failure.
  • Updating your software can also kill the above mentioned issue.

 2) Wi-Fi Problems Found in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

 Wi-Fi issues are quite common problems found in almost every Samsung Smartphone which is being launched up till now. So if you face this common issue, it is no surprise. Moreover, there is nothing to worry about because a few simple tricks and this problem is solved. This means that it a small temporary glitch which can be removed easily.

  • Users might want to turn off their device and restart it again.
  • If this doesn’t work, go to Wi-Fi settings and forget the network you are currently connected to and then reconnect again. Hopefully, it will work.
  • Perform a soft reset on your device by holding the power key and the volume down key.
  • If none of the above mentioned solutions work, then this means that your router needs a restart.
  • Turn off your router, count till 30 and then turn it back on again. Try connecting and this time it would work for sure.

3) Device Overheating Problem:

Device overheating is also one of the common problems found in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S7 both. Android smartphones usually overheat quickly. There may be several reasons e.g. heavy internet streaming and playing a game with quite high features and resolution no doubt, this smartphone provides with the best resolution. This problem can be avoided in the following ways.

  • Do not use your phone while it is on charge. A lot of people use their cell phones while being charged and then later blame it on the device.
  • But if you are not interfering in your device while it is on charging mode, yet it gets overheated then you must need to turn off the fast charging settings on your device.
  • Make sure that the cable being used is the original one.
  • Turn off the extra applications running in the background.

4) Water Repellent Device Yet the Speakers seem Wet:

This is a problem which is a little unusual and weird of course.  Samsung claims to make this device water proof. This clearly means that if you keep your device under water for even half an hour it won’t be affected at all. But then why do people complain about the hands free as if they are soaked up in water and do not function well if the phone is being accidentally dropped in water. The sound seems quite distorted. To ignore this issue one must try these simple techniques.

  • The only thing you have to do is waiting while your phone gets dry.
  • You can either use a soft dry cloth or a towel to remove the water droplets from the screen and the headphone jack. Hopefully it would all be okay after your device is all dried up since it has a water resistant feature.

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