How to fix Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone problems

Fix Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone

best way to fix sony xperia Z5 smatphone with tutorial

Sony launched its smartphone named Sony Xperia Z5 earlier this year in February. It was decided by the company to launch it through Facebook. Users have been buying this device and the response is good as well as bad. The price of the device is set to quite higher knowing with that there are certain problems found in Xperia Z5. It is a good smartphone yet not a perfect one. Now that if you have purchased this smartphone without hearing the reviews and are also facing issues, firstly, don’t worry, secondly, this article would explain you and help you how to fix Sony Xperia Z5  problems.

The device takes long to start:

Users have complained that the device takes longer than usual time to start. Whenever they turn it on using the power button, the screen goes blank usually. There are certain fixes users can try for this problem.

  • You can forcefully shutdown your device. In order to this you must open up the cover of your Sony Xperia Z5 and long press the OFF button until the devices shuts down forcefully. You can try turning on your device after that then.
  • You can also try the same process again but long press the OFF button and the device would vibrate thrice. Ignore the vibrations and keep holding the OFF button until the time appears. Then put your device on charge and turn on your device again.
  • Hopefully, these two solutions would fix one of this annoying problems found in Sony Xperia Z5.

Sony Xperia Z5 Battery Problems:

 Sony Xperia Z5 has also disappointed the users by irritating them with battery drainage issues.  There are certain things you can try to save your battery.

  • Put your device on power safe mode when not in use.
  • Close the unnecessary applications that might be consuming the battery by running in the background.
  • Try downloading battery boosting applications. For example, Greenify is an application which is best for reducing battery drainage in Xperia Z5 when not in use.
  • Another important thing which everyone must keep in mind is that one must not use their device while it being charged.

Poor Touch Screen in Xperia Z5:

 This is one of the most commonly observed problems found in Sony Xperia Z5 by the customers who bought this phone. At times, the device heats up due to heavy internet streaming and excessive use of mobile continuously for long or maybe long hours of phone calls. As the result of this, the touch of the Xperia Z5 gets stuck or stops working at all.

  • You must try removing the screen protector of the device to check if the touch works or not. Sometimes, bad quality protectors don’t let the touch function properly. If the problem gets solved it’s good.
  • If the above mentioned solution doesn’t seem to work, restarting the device is a good fix.
  • You can also perform a reset on your device.
  • Your Sony Xperia Z5 has a an option of detecting and solving the problem on its own so you can run the diagnostics test from your device and see if it gets rid of the problem on its own or not.

Slow Performance and Freezing of the Device:

This is also a bad and irritating issue of Sony Xperia Z5. The device freezes and lags. Moreover, it doesn’t function properly either. The performance goes really down and the smartphone becomes the reason of discomfort for the users.  You know you can fix this issue if;

  • You reset your device simply.
  • Or you can force shutdown your device too as mentioned above.

Sony Xperia Z5 Poor Call Quality Problem:

 Poor call quality is another addition to the problems found in Sony Xperia Z5. There is a lot of distortion while being on call and despite the full on call volume one cannot hear on the other end properly.

  • Try fixing your audio settings.
  • See if your SIM card is being properly placed into its slot.
  • Reset your smartphone.
  • You can also see it might be a network problem. For this reason you must contact your network provider to solve the issue.

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