Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S which one is better?

Which phone would be better to buy Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S?

The two most speculated brands go head to head again in an epic battle for the title of best flagship phones, this time it is the new Samsung Galaxy S7 against the new iPhone 6S. The Galaxy S7 hasn’t been released yet but it is said to be released in February. With complete information on both of the phones which one do you expect to make a serious impact onto the market? Simplifying the question which one is better than the other. Well for this question we have done a short comparison of the features of both the phones.

Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S which one is better

Design (Winner S7):

The design schema of S7 is more new and more vibrant. It has reduced its bezels and also has carved out the phone even more than the Galaxy S6. This makes the phone easier to hold. The iphone 6S is a bit left out in this regard as it is much more awkward to hold in your hand.

Size and Weight (Winner 6S):

There is somewhat no difference in weights of both the phones. The S7 only weights 1 gram more than the iphone 6S. The S7 is much bigger in the size department so those who love bigger phones would like it. But most people like sleeker phones, so i6S has an upper hand in this department.

Camera (Winner S7):

One of the major features in a phone is its camera. In the camera department the Galaxy S7 has a new 21 megapixel camera with auto image stabilization versus the iPhone’s 16 megapixel camera. These were the insights for the back cameras. As for the front camera the S7 features an 8 Mega Pixel camera versus the 6S’ 5 Mega Pixel camera. So the S7 outclasses the 6S in the camera department.

Battery (Winner S7):

Different usage test have been performed on both the phones with browsing gaming and internet usage on both the phones. The comparative results were quite even for both the phones but the S7 had a slight upper hand in the decrease ratio. 6S lost 12% of its total battery but the S7 lost 10% of its total battery.

Storage (Winner 6S):

This is the department where the iPhone 6S has the clear cut advantage as the 6S has 16 to 128 GB of space into it while the S7 is stuck on for its 64 GB.

Price (Winer S7):

The iPhone 6S is right now selling at an average price of $850 and the S7 would start off with a retail price of $800, so you can tell which one is cheaper.


The end result shows us that both the phones amazing in their own ways but the S7 has a slight upper hand in terms of features. So S7 is the phone you should be getting as it is newer and it’scheaper to be fair but it doesn’t roll out the 6S in any way.

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