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Introduction Google Pixel Smartphone:

In the age of artificial intelligence, Google Assistant has won the hearts of Android users with its simple user interface and multiple functions. If you wanted more of it then prepare to celebrate as Google brings out its very first smartphone which has received a high rating from users and developers both. What’s the coolest part? Google Assistant has been built into the system for a fabulous user experience!

Google has become the go-to search engine for many to get satisfactory results for their queries. Google Assistant in Google Pixel smartphone presents the most accurate replies to your questions solving your everyday problems. It creates events for you, sets reminders and even sends text messages as per your directions. It doesn’t just find files for you but also photos when you tell it the occasion you saved them by. google pixel smartphone, feature google pixel smartphoneGoogle Pixel Smartphone Features

Undoubtedly, this new offering by Google has the best smartphone camera to date with 12.3 MP resolution and dual LED flash it allows you to take stunning photos in all kinds of light. You get unlimited storage for all your apps, games, photos, videos, files and music with an internal memory of 4 GB. It also supports Google’s answer to Face Time which is Google Duo: a terrific video call app that affords crisp sound and sharp video.

The Google Pixel smartphone is beautiful to look at with a sleek aluminum glass body that speaks of luxury and class. You can choose between black or white colour options. A superb feature is the fingerprint sensor which detects your unique fingerprint giving you access to your phone when it is on lock mode. Its battery has an amazing performance that lets you listen to music for up to 110 hours. It also comes with a Quick Switch Adapter that allows you to connect your Google Pixel smartphone to your iPhone or another Android phone.

These awesome features are too good to ignore so why not check it out and maybe this could be the smartphone of your dreams.

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