What is Project wing service by Google for security?

New Service Project Wing by Google:

Google has yet again hit the headlines, with its amazing new service known as the “Project Wing”.  Google is all set to revolutionize the concept of home delivery forever. Now you wouldn’t have to wait for crappy delivery men who always get your products late or get them hindered. This new service promises with its 30 minutes delivery regulation time and on your doorstep. Google is using the drone technology for this purpose and has announced the release of this amazing service in the second or third quarter of 2017.

Google service Project Wing (2017)

Google service Project Wing

David Vos the project head of “Project Wing” had given this statement after the successful test that were conducted in Australia. The drone was tested for several times to see its elapsed delivery time and its reliability with the product. Its ability to get the product to the exact door step of that person and it came on top after these tests, it had perfection in everything. Another good feature is that until the parcel is picked up by any one from the home, the drone will continue to fly over the house and wait for the parcel to get picked.

Google has taped into a completely new market. Which if they succeed to prevail through,this could be a game changer for the online market. As all online trading giants such as Ali Baba or Amazon would we dying to get their hands on this new service. Which would dramatically decrease their expenses and error rate.

Everything is all set to go, but there is one problem that comes with every technological revolution. Will this service be able to pass out the U.S regulatory laws and will the public accept this somewhat awkward delivery method, well we should let time decide this issue.

Still all over this service looks exciting and I am willing to give it a try.

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