Google’s upcoming new project ARA modular phone in 2017

Introduction to Google’s Project ARA Modular Phone:

Google's new project ARA modular android mobile phone

Project ARA is Google’s modular phone project used to build personalized android smartphones. Google aims to present such a smartphone whose modules could easily be changed by the users themselves with just one swap without any cost and expense hence known as a modular phone. This modular phone is yet to be named properly. However, Google intends it to be used by a number of people already using the smartphones, those who use feature phones and is also designed in such a way to be used by the people who haven’t used smartphones yet. Google has also promised to keep the User Interface of the modular phone as simple as possible for ease and simplicity of people.

Release Date of Project ARA Modular Phone:

The work on Project ARA for the development of a modular phone had started in 2014 after Motorola was sold to Lenovo. The phone was set to be released in the year 2015 which didn’t happen. Google had termed it as the “grey phone” because the modular phone would be initially grey to be customized by the users themselves according to their needs. Google recently confirmed it to be released later in the year 2016 and people would be able to buy it in 2017.

Structure of  Project ARA Modular Phone:

Google Project ARA modular phone in 2017

The modular phone is structured using the electro permanent magnets. The purpose of these magnets is to hold the modules together so that they could easily be swapped and replaced.  Slots are being made for different modules along with the module for inserting your SIM card as well. Google had performed the “smoke test” on the application processor board booting android. When the test passed, they came to the conclusion of building a modular phone placing together, the modules. The modules are designed to be rectangular in shape.

Users are allowed to freely remove the battery and replace it with camera or Bluetooth module. People can also use a module for radio, sound players hence many other things. However, Google doesn’t provide with the modules to upgraded processor, memory or RAM etc.  These are the built in components which won’t be replaced.

Price of Modular Phone:

The modular phone would surely be of a reasonable price when released.  It is set to be priced at 50$. Every module has a cost. They may also vary in price. To customize your modular phone you would have to buy the modules separately.  In the start modules would be sold at a reasonable price along with the cost of the modular phone. The price might increase depending on the number of people buying it and reporting better performance as well.

Specifications of ARA Modular Phone:

project ARA Modular phone features

The mobile game is changing. There is no such phone in the market that could be this much flexible when it comes to customizing your device. This modular phone is like “All in one”thing. Google has provided users with a fixed memory and processor. They are of the view that users do not have to worry about the compatibility of the processor and memory with the apps. The size of the phone is 5.3 inches. One of the amazing features is that the module for the screen is also available. So if your screen breaks you can easily replace it with another one.  Your phone can also turn into a health tracker too. By providing the frame for CPU, GPU, sensors and antennas, more space for the hardware is allocated for the ease of users.

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