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Top 10 Home Remedies For Back Pain

There are many illnesses which have back pain as a symptom especially lower back pain. It can be quite debilitating at times so home remedies for back pain can be very useful. Of course, you should consult your physician for a more detailed treatment plan but until it is finalized, these simple measures will alleviate back pain considerably.

Use A Cushion To Reduce Back Pain

When your back hurts you usually try to avoid putting any strain on it often hunching forwards but that is not the right way to treat it. Use a soft cushion while you are sitting or lying down so that less weight is put on your back. You can work efficiently for longer periods of time with a cushion.

Adequate Sleep TO Fix Lower Back Pain

There are sleep disorders that increase the frequency of back pain. Also be mindful of your sleeping position. Make sure your body is not cramped and your back gets the rest it needs. If you could not get a good night’s sleep then a nap can make you feel refreshed and your back less strained.

Proper Support To Heal Back Pain

If you are experiencing back pain then you require strong support for your back so don’t sit on a bench or stool. High backed cushioned chairs or just a regular chair with good padding can help your back recover. Remember the chair must support your weight up to your shoulders at least to prevent back strain.

Lose Weight To Relieve Back Pain Fast

Obesity increases the risk of contracting many diseases so if you are overweight you need to start a healthy routine as soon as possible. Your spine will not be able to hold your weight effectively in certain positions especially when your back is doing most of the work to balance your body.

Painkillers For Constant Lower Back Pain

Never experiment with painkillers you have never tried before without consulting your physician. Allergy testing can be conducted to ensure the painkiller is not an allergen for you. They sometimes react adversely with other medication you may be taking. Your physician will prescribe them according to your medical history.

Flats Over Heels

Prevention is better than cure so be careful about the kind of footwear you choose on a daily basis. Your appearance maybe important but nothing trumps your health. Wear flat shoes as often as possible and reserve heels for special occasions. Your back has to work harder to balance your body when you wear heels.

Stretching Ways To Relieve Back Pain

One of the most recommended home remedies for back pain is stretching. Exercise heals a lot of issues related to muscles unless it has been clearly prohibited by your physician. By putting the strained muscles to use gently your back pain will start to fade away. Don’t overdo it but dedicate a slot in your schedule for it.

Back massage For Lower Back Pain

Besides regular exercise, a soothing back massage can do wonders for the state of your back muscles. Consult a professional and enjoy refreshing massage therapy. Try to make these massages as frequent as you can because they will speed up your recovery greatly. Essential oils added to the hot massage oil also work well.

Heating Pad To Get Relief From Back Pain

Physicians often suggest home remedies for back pain involving heat and cold. If you are living in a cold climate you might prefer heat. It does seem to work for more people since it increases blood circulation to the back. The nutrients brought faster to that region shorten recovery time and reduces pain.

Good Posture To Cure Back Pain

Don’t underestimate the importance of good posture while sitting or standing particularly if you have a desk job. The more strain you put on your back the higher the chances of your developing long term back pain. Keep your back straight and well supported during long hours at your desk. Don’t slouch while walking either and don’t exercise without warming up first.

The treatment of back pain requires patience because it is something that cannot be cured instantly. You have to keep up the treatment regime, get rid of bad habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Stay disciplined and follow the instructions of your physician religiously. Home remedies are highly effective and cheap but you need to avoid strenuous activities and adopt good habits while using them.

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