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Best 5 Home Remedies For Stomach Ache

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Almost all of us are guilty of overeating, eating too much junk food and consuming the wrong kind of food in high quantities. Doctors often advise abstinence from certain foods to patients but not everyone takes care like they should. As a result of our bad eating habits, stomach ache is a common problem among all ages. Be very careful about foods that don’t suit you as you might have an allergy to it. Everyone does not have the same kind of digestive system. If your stomach reacts badly to certain foods then it is best to avoid them altogether. There are many others home remedies for stomach ache but these are most recommended.

There are several kinds of digestive issues that occur as symptoms of other health problems, allergies, overeating, etc. Here are some effective home remedies for stomach ache that will offer you some relief while you cannot visit a doctor for a proper checkup. Don’t hesitate to consult a physician because it could be a symptom of a chronic illness.

Soda Limes

The chemical properties of lime juice and bicarbonate soda are excellent for getting rid of stomach aches that occur as a result of overeating. The carbonic acid produced as you drink the soda encourages burping.

Ginger & Honey Tea

You probably know that ginger is an essential ingredient during the cooking of pulses. It is added to reduce any adverse effects the protein of the pulses may have on your stomach. Boiling ginger root in water and adding some honey makes a great drink.

Heat Up

Whenever your stomach muscles cramp up, especially in the winter, bring out the hot water bottles. Don’t make it too hot or you might burn your skin. Keep it at a moderate temperature and place it over your stomach for instant relief.

Peppermint Leaves

Plants have several medicinal benefits if used correctly like peppermint. You can buy dried peppermint leaves and make a soothing tea using them by boiling them like regular tea leaves. You can add honey or sugar to improve the taste.

Fennel Seeds

In many parts of the world, fennel seeds are promoted as one of the best home remedies for stomach ache. They are ideal for indigestion and can be chewed or used to make hot tea. The natural fennel seeds improve digestion.

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