How to install Android 6.0 on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Update to Android Marshmallow on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

install step by step Android 6.0 on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Samsung has finally released the Beta version of the Android 6.0 on the Galaxy s6 and Galaxy S6 Edge so people can see how the official release will look like. It has not been released on OTA and would require some manual instructions to be installed. You only need to register with Samsung for this and you’ll receive the beta version on your mobile. But this is only available in the UK. If you’re outside UK, you can still install the firmware manually but do require to register for the beta version too.


Before you can go on with the Installation of Android 6.0 on Galaxy s6 you are requiredto have some things.

  • Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925F) orGalaxy S6 (SM-G920F)
  • You can check the model number by going into settings > about.
  • Make sure your device is unlocked.

Instructions in UK:

  • Check if you have the BTU product code for your device’s current firmware version. To check this, go to play store and download SamMobile app. Open this app and go to firmware section. Check your product code there, it will have BTU mentioned right next to the model number. If it doesn’t have it, you’d have to manually install it.
  • If it says BTU, then open Galaxy apps store and download Galaxy Care app.
  • Open the Galaxy Care App and agree to all its term etc. etc. and then proceed to the main screen of the app.
  • On the top bar, swipe right till you see the join beta program and select the join button.
  • A new page will appear, from their select the registration tab at the bottom and if you’re lucky, Samsung will give you the Android 6.0 on your Galaxy s6 within the next 24 hours.
  • Once you’ve received the update, just install the best android has to offer.

If you’re not in UK or Non-BTU Firmware:

If you own an SM-G925F or an SM-G920F and you don’t live in UK, you can still get the update but would have to manually flash it. Notice the F at the end of the model number? Yes, that’s the most important part here, the Android 6.0 on S6 won’t work on any other model than these. You’ll have to download the android 6.0 firmware from the net and then follow these instructions.

  • Extract the Firmware files.
  • Download Odin
  • Unpack the Odin RAR file.
  • Run Odin executable file.
  • Press and hold the power, home and volume down button after rebooting your device.
  • Connect your phone to PC using a USB cable and wait till Odin detects your Phone.
  • Add Firmware file you downloaded to AP/PDA.
  • Make sure the re-partitioned box is not Ticked.
  • Select the Start button and sit back and relax till the installation finishes.

Your phone will reboot and will be in the latest firmware version and will have the best of android yet.

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