How many Golden Boat Cristiano Ronaldo have in 2015?

Cristiano Ronaldo | Fourth Golden Boat

Last Tuesday Real Madrid’s top gun Cristiano Ronaldo got another Golden Boat for his amazing performance in this season of 2014/15, he became Europe’s top goal scorer by scoring 48 goals in 35 matches, and by this addition he has now won 4 golden boats which is the most by any player in football history. Ronaldo has thanked his fans and his colleges at Real Madrid for helping him achieve this honor for the third time. One of his achievement came with his former team Manchester United in the 2007/8 season.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his 4th Goldan Boat

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo had earned his achievement by scoring a hat-trick in his very last game before this ceremony, initially Ronaldo was not up to his mark in this season but he got himself moving in the mid of the season and came at the top at the very end and achieved this title. Ronaldo was just 2 goals short of breaking the all-time top scoring record of his most competitive rival Lionel Messi which is 50 goals in one season in the 2012/13 season, but well there is always a next time for everything.

Cristiano Ronaldo picking Goldan Boat

Cristiano Ronaldo

Some still argue that luck has gotten Ronaldo this achievement as it was the bad luck of Messi to fall injure just weeks before the Golden Boat ceremony when he fell injure Ronaldo at that time was one goal short of Messi with the comparison of 42/43 respectively. But Ronaldo came back hard with some unbelievable performances and outscored Messi in that period. Ronaldo and Messi both are known to be the two beasts of football which when enter into their prime can demolish any side single handedly, and yet this is no theoretical statement their numbers of goals and titles speak for themselves.

The next stop for Ronaldo would be the Ballondo’r which he is motivated to win after this winning but can he keep up with his numbers because Messi is soon to return after his injury being resolved. Well it would be a fun competition to watch.


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