How to fix Android jelly bean problems step by step

Solutions to Android jelly bean problems:

 fix android jelly bean issue step by step

Android is becoming famous and more popular day by day and many people are starting preferring android over apple due to its customizability and android becoming more refined. Google released the Android 4.2 jelly bean as an update to the previous android 4.0 and promised it to be bug-free and smoother than ever before. It truly was almost bug-free but there were some bugs they couldn’t get rid of. Some of android jelly bean problems are.

Wi-Fi issues:

People who update their Android to jelly bean had quite some trouble connecting their device to the Wi-Fi network. There can be many reasons causing this problem and if you’re facing this issue then there are some things that you can try to fix this android jelly bean issue.

  • Restart your Wi-Fi router and reconnect it from the mobile by first forgetting that network and then reconnecting it.
  • Make sure you have kept Wi-Fi turned on during sleep as always from settings, Wi-Fi and then advanced.

Random Reboots:

People have been facing random reboots as an android jelly bean problem. Many people faced this issue while using the browser in their device while many other people had this issue without even doing anything. This is the most frustrating and annoying android jelly bean problem. At the moment, the only possible to this is to remove all your data in your device. If you don’t want to do this, you can wait for google to release an official update with its fix.

Battery Life problem:

The common problem in every device and android version is the battery drainage issue. People have been seen complaining that their device’s battery gotten worse after updating to Android jelly bean. This android jelly bean problem may be caused due to some google services or some specific apps. If you’re facing some battery problems, then you can try these solutions.

  • Go into settings> battery and check which app is using the most battery. You may have to reinstall it or in worst case delete it and find an alternate.
  • Your SD card might be the culprit here. Take it out and then see your device. If it works fine then format the SD card
  • Last option is to Factory reset your device.

Bluetooth issue:

Google has acknowledged this issue themselves and has said that the android 4.2 will have Bluetooth problems. Due to this, you might have some disrupts in the audio streams and some calls as well. So if you’re facing this android jelly bean issue, now you know the reason.

There is no manual solution to this but google has released an official update android 4.2.1 to fix this bug. If you’ve not yet updated it, you better get it updated to fix these issues.

No December in Calendar:

The first and major android jelly bean issue that was found was the missing of the month December in the Device’s calendar. While Mayans may have made their calendar till Dec 12, Google decided to remove the months itself. Although not a major issue but google resolved this in the 4.2.1 update. You should update your phone to fix this issue.

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