How to fix Major iPad Air Problems in 2016

Solutions to major iPad Air problems:

Solutions to major iPad Air problems

Apple iPad has been Apple’s best asset yet with not too much to complain about. The best 10-inch tablets at the moment available in the market. There is hardly any competition with the iPad Air even with the ever-growing tablet market. But, unfortunately, perfection is not easily achieved. There are always some bugs and minor issues that are left unseen. Here we are going to list some of the most common iPad air problems and if you’re any of these issues, there is a possibility that you might find the solution here.

iPad fails to turn on:

A lot of users have been facing this iPad air problem that at some point, their device fails to start, it is quite a scary issue but what will you do when your money is on the verge of being wasted and the iPad isn’t turning on? These solutions might help you solve the issue.

  • Press and hold the home and wake/sleep button for at least 10 seconds, after that you will be able to see the Apple logo and your device will start.
  • Charge your iPad for at least an hour and then turn it on.
  • Update your iPad to the latest iOS version using iTunes.

Bluetooth Pairing:

At some points, it is quite possible you start facing issues with your device’s Bluetooth. Bluetooth accessories like headset etc. might give some pairing issues after some time. If you’re having this iPad air problem then you need to go to Bluetooth settings and try some of the following things.

  • Delete the paired device from the Bluetooth list.
  • Turn your Bluetooth accessory on and off.
  • Make sure the accessory is not connected to some other device.

Performance issues:

Many of the users have been complaining about some lag in performance in their iPads. Those people facing this iPad Air issue, there is no such fix for this problem but there are some things that you can try before factory resetting your device.

  • Reset all Settings
  • Disable pretty effects and animations
  • Factory reset your iPad.

Camera App Crashes:

Many users are having an iPad Air problem where their camera app keeps on crashing or fails to start. If you’re facing such an issue, try some of the followings.

  • Clear the app from the memory by double tapping the home button and then swiping the camera app to shut it. Open the app again to see if it works now.
  • Click on Settings> General > Restrictions and make sure camera app is allowed.
  • Reset all your settings by clicking on settings > General> Reset and then tap reset all settings.

Keyboard Lag:

Users have been complaining that their keyboard sometimes starts to lag when typing an iMessage or an email. Fortunately, there are some things that the user can try to do to fix this iPad Air Problem.

  • Turn Data and document off in iCloud From Settings> iCloud> Data and Document.
  • Reset all Settings of your device.

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