How to Install Pirated Apps on iPhone without jailbreak

Install pirated Apps on iPhone:

how to Install Pirated Apps on iPhone

If you’ve just purchased a new iPhone with the latest iOS version and is yet to be jailbroken and you don’t have any other option except for installing pirated apps without jailbreak then this is the place you’ll find the solution to your question. There are a lot of different ways for installing pirated apps in your iDevices and most of them install these cracked apps with just one click. Since installous has shut down various new alternates have popped up, with their own unique features. Here are a couple of things that you’ll need before to start with the installation of apps. You need to download the IPA (iOS App Store Package) file of the app first into your PC.

  • PC
  • An iPhone
  • Latest iTunes
  • A third party application (will be mentioned below)

Here is a list of applications you can use.


One of the best apps to install pirated Apps on iPhone without jailbreaking and is also termed as the second best app after iTunes. Follow these steps to install cracked apps on iPhone.

  • Download the iTools software.
  • Plug iPhone to the PC.
  • Choose your device in the iTunes and then choose the Apps tab. Do uncheck Auto synchronize apps.
  • Run the iTools software
  • Go to the folder you downloaded the IPA file to.
  • Right click on the app and choose install with iTools.
  • The app will be installed in your iPhone.


This app allows you to download paid apps that are available in the iTunes for free.

  • Download the vShare from
  • Download the iOS version
  • As this was not installed from iTunes, so it will not start as soon as it’s install.
  • We first have to trust the corresponding certificate or else we’ll get an error
  • Go to settings, then general and then profile.
  • Tap on the Apps certificate and click Trust.
  • Now go and open the App and download any app you want even the paid apps.


An alternative to the vShare app and has the same purpose of that of what vShare does. To use it follow the instructions.

  • Download iFunBox from their website.
  • Install the App on your Pc
  • Run the software.
  • Connect your device to the PC
  • Find the IPA file of the app you want to install.
  • Click on the install button in the iFunBox app
  • Choose the IPA file you downloaded
  • This will install the app on your iPhone.


An alternate to iTools, and is needed to be installed on the PC, the main disadvantage to this is, it is mostly in Chinese.

  • Download and install the Kuaiyong app from
  • Connect the iPhone with the PC
  • Choose your device in the iTunes and then choose the Apps tab. Do uncheck Auto synchronize apps.
  • Now open the Kuaiyong app and look for the app you want to download.
  • If it’s there download it and install it.
  • If it’s not present there, download the IPA of that app, and install the IPA from Kuaiyong.

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