How to select best iPhone Spy apps in 2016

Best App to spy on an iPhone in 2016:

There are many moments when you would privately like to know about colleagues, spouse, relatives, children etc. and smartphones have an easy way to do this as smartphones have become an important part of our life and we always have it with us. The advancements in global positioning have revolutionized the iPhone Spy apps: Apps that can keep track and will monitor each of your activity. The mission for you here is, if you choose to accept it, to find the best iPhone spy app for yourself.

how to select Best iPhone Spy Apps in 2016

Contact Spy:

Whenever you receive a call from an unknown number, you’re always curious to know who that is. And if the other person doesn’t reveal their identity, you’re even more curious. Now with the iPhone spy app Contact Spy you just have to save that number in your contact list and then run it through the contact spy app’s search engine. It will then tell you who called you. This feature is only available to American numbers at the moment. You can also enter the first and last name but that won’t help you much if the name matches more than 100 people.


This iPhone spy app can be used on any tablets or smartphones. Once the app has started running it will record all the activities on the target device and then will upload all the data to you online account for controlling and monitoring purpose. The biggest advantage to this app is that iOS users can use this app without even jailbreaking their iPhones by having a valid AppleId The iOS users will have extra features without any additional charges.

Gps Location Tracker:

This iPhone spy app is a location tracking software, and the best part about this is that it doesn’t have to be running to locate your device. You only have to register an account on their website and the location services to be enabled on your iPhone in order to locate your iPhone.

It also uses Wi-Fi and cellular data in order to upload the location to a secure server present on their website. If there is no net available, the data will be stored on your iPhone and will upload it when the connection is available.

Security Cam:

An iPhone spy app build for security purposes. It a security video recording app that secretly starts recording a video without anyone even noticing. It starts recording after is it activated by motion or a sound. The recorded video has the time and date displayed on it. The saved file can be transferred through iTunes.


This iPhone spy app will help you spy on your spouse as it records the outgoing and incoming data of his iPhone. From Facebook to skype, email to SMS, this app lets you know every detail you need. It also comes with the tracker service which lets you locate your spouse in real-time. The best feature about this app is that it lets you know when the sim card in the iPhone is changed.

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