New Feature of HTC One M9 2015

HTC One M9 Evaluation

HTC has been one of the big names of the smartphone arena, once standing head to head against the likes of Samsung and IPhone but HTC has lost it credibility to quite a number of factors over the years. At first it had only focused on its own reviews of its previous phones like the HTC ONE M8, which was bound to be a success but its camera and its battery led HTC down. For the sales dropped down to a dramatic number and when in competition to the likes of Apple and Samsung there can’t be any margin for error.

HTC ONE M9 Review and updated


HTC is at a try to makes both ends meet with its newest creation the new HTC One M9. This handset is said to be one of the perfect phones out there right now. Because of its natural and elegant design which is made to fit into your hands and make you feel comfortable while holding it.


The phone is of silver color as HTC has carried its flagship phones with an aluminum back with a more silvery touch. That makes its more of a silverware made to hold, and that’s the best part of the design that it’s great to see and great to hold. It is equipped with a 5 inches QHD screen with 441 PPI density for giving you great movie and image viewing experience.

HTC has learned a lot from its past and it has given this model a 20.7 MP camera avoiding to put in the 4UP version because well to be honest people actually like the number of pixels to sound high then to actually have them be, along with that the battery has improved a lot, now HTC ONE M9 is beating the Galaxy S6 in terms of battery performance, that’s a major improvement from the past.

It seems this could be the perfect handset to have right now, as claimed by the HTC Officials but well let’s wait and watch to see what comes out of it.

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