Leo Messi to comeback before real madrid’s match against barca

Lionel Messi Was Injured But Now:

It has been 4 weeks since the world has witnessed the world’s best player on the pitch and people are eager to see him back before the El Classico of Real Madrid and Barcelona. The match that’s awaited by the football world, and the rivalry between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo adds as a catalyst to pump up the excitement for this clash. As Messi was injured one month back. It was seeming that the world’s best player would not be coming against Ronaldo in the match but things have seemed to lighten up for Messi fans.



The match is scheduled to be on 21 November and there are only 25 days remaining, Messi’s club physiotherapist Roger Gironeshas said that Messi could be returning earlier than we expect, Messi is fighting hard to comeback for the match with Madrid, but only if the doctors give him the green signal, Messi has started slow running exercises which the doctors have said to jump to Medium runs which is the most hard stage and then after would be full fledge running, at first it was being said that Messi would be taking 8-9 weeks of rest for recovery but now the doctors have said that it could be more quick as Messi himself is quite motivated to get well and return to the pitch asap.

Doctors have given a good sign for the play against Madrid but his home team Argentina who is going to play for the world cup quarter finals is quite much in despair without the forward as they only have 1 points out of 6 up till now, and it is impossible for Messi to play the big match against Brazil as time passes by. Also the game against Colombia is still in doubt but he will come back soon and play against Madrid which is the top priority of everyone right now and Luis Enrique awaits his comeback.

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