Leonardo DiCaprio starring in New The Revenant Movie 2015

The Revenant Movie 2015

Alejandro G. Iñarritu who was the director of the Oscar winning film Birdman (2014). He is now putting up a show this year with the all set Oscar winning nomine Leonardo DiCaprio along with the likes of Tom Hardy and Will Poulter. They are coming to you in December with the ever intimidating plot, which is revenge-novel based movie The Revenant’.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Revenant 2015

This movie was filmed in the frosting jungles of Canada and the conditions were not termed as safe by the crew of this film. But to provide that real life touch and taste into the movie Alejandro went overboard neglecting the conditions and filmed the movie. Recently released trailer for the movie has pushed the scales even higher and the fans after viewing that epic and amazing trailer are now hoping that the actual film would bring them more.

the Revenant The story revolves around a pack of hunters

The story revolves around a pack of hunters that were chased down by native people on their way, they somehow escape that situation Then after they found themselves stranded in the woods, with nowhere to go Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) tries to find a way out of that dreadful route. But in this pursuit he gets attacked by a bear and finds himself lying dead. He then gets betrayed by his own pack of hunters with John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) leading them. He buries Glass and gets back to the person who assigns them task.

The story thereafter gets interesting as Glass fights with the inhumane conditions and tries to get back to his family and loved ones. The fuel of vengeance drives him through in these conditions where a normal human would have had died. He feeds himself on alive fishes and fights his way through wild animals and the abruptly cold weather.

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The movie is all set to be released on Christmas day with its elapsed budget climbing from $99 million to $132 million, but with the likes of Leo and Tom one can argue that the investment would be worth it. Still the movie will make quite an impact upon its release but can it live up to its mark now that’s the real question.

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