Movie Bridge of Spies Building 2015 based on real life

The bridge of spies is a new movie of Steven Spielberg which is based on real life events that occurred in the Cold war back then between the U.S and the Soviet Union.

Bridge Of Spies Movie 2015 Poster

Bridge Of Spies Movie

This movie actually shows how people used to get savaged and harassed on the name of war for freedom, this epic plot is a thriller for those who like real life tactical movies which show what really goes on the battle field and what resides on the shoulders of the soldiers when it comes to the defense of the country and what hardships they have to go through.

During a spy mission in territory of the Soviet Union, the soviet’s shot down a U-2 spy plane and captures the pilot Francis Gary Powers, which remained unharmed by the explosion because he had evacuated quickly before the explosion, he then got captured and as army routine he has sent to investigation center to sort his information out. When they got to know that he is a U.S troop and was spying on their affairs, he was presented before the court to have his fate decided. The court had all the evidences needed and they sentenced him a 10 year long prison to go through.

 hired to resolve things out for them, He sorts out a plan for a trade of refuges between the two forces and it would be an even trade for it is a spy for a spy, Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) a soviet spy caught by the US was being convicted in court but the offer settled in by James was demanded to be tried out by the CIA. James goes out to berlin to sort this affair out and propose this trade to get his man back safe and sound.

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