New iPhone 7 likely to be the best upcoming smartphone

Introduction to New iPhone 7 Mobile Phone :

Is is true that New iPhone7 likely to be the best upcoming smartphone in 2017

Apple is set to launch new iPhone 7 by the end of 2016. Rumors say that it is likely to break the previous and existing smartphone sales records. It seems like it is going to be an amazing addition to the iPhone releases done so far.  Along with the release of new iPhone 7 somewhere in September, Apple is also going to announce the release date of iPhone 7 Plus. The coolest new iPhone 7 features are discussed below.

iPhone 7 VS iPhone 7 Plus:

iPhone 7 Plus which is also known as “iPhone Pro” differs quite a lot from the upcoming new iPhone 7.Expected features in iPhone 7 Plus include:

  • Non availability of the headphones jack.
  • The camera is dual lensed.
  • The antenna bands are being designed again.
  • Updated and upgraded processor.
  • Smart connector just like in iPad.
  • Screen size equivalent to two screen sizes.

Apple claims to stick to the size of the same old standard size of their smartphones. Both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus would have the same size like iPhone 6s. However, rumors have also indicated a few differences between the both which are.

  • iPhone 7 will not have the smart connector found in iPhone 7 Plus.
  • iPhone 7 Plus will have comparatively a larger screen size as compared to the new iPhone 7 screen size.
  • iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual lens camera however, iPhone 7 might continue with the conventional single lensed camera.
  • The RAM size in iPhone 7 could be 2GB but 3GB in iPhone 7 Plus.

Prominent features in the new iPhone 7:

There are certain features being highlighted in iPhone7 which are as follows;

  • Appearance:

We are all aware of the fact that the new iPhone7 with its release would sure be eye catching in its appearance. The device may have:

  • A new thinner design with 7.1mm thickness.
  • Water resistant.
  • Bluetooth air pods by beats.
  • Inductive charging pad.
  • New ceramic body.
  • Display:

With the screen size to be of 4.7 inches the display features of iPhone7 include;

  • AMOLED display with 16M colors.
  • 750×1334 pixels screen resolution.
  • Multi touch screen
  • It has an Ion strengthened glass with Zoom display option as well.
  • 3D touch facility.
  • Memory:

As far as memory is concerned, the new iPhone 7 doesn’t have any memory card slot available. But it sure would have a 32GB on board storage ditching the 16GB storage and would have the internal memory up to 256GB.

  • Camera:

The new iPhone 7 has a 12 million pixels rear iSight camera which will be having the face detection auto-focus option along with flash. It also has the feature of geo-tagging, an image recording of 8MP along with 4K video simultaneously.The secondary camera is of 5MP also having the face detection feature similar to the rear camera.

  • Battery:

iPhone 7 might have a slightly larger battery than its previous models and that too non-removable. Rumors tell that the new iPhone 7 might support a battery with the capacity of 1735mAH which would prove to efficient in providing a long lasting battery timings for the users.

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