Top 4 Tips and tricks of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 2016

New Galaxy S7 tips and tricks 2016

best tips and tricks of the Galaxy s7 2016

The Galaxy S7 is the latest flagship mobile phone by Samsung and is one of the best smartphones of 2016. It has got one of the best design a smartphone can have. The iPhone 6s finally got some competition with the release of Galaxy S7. Many people have bought the Galaxy S7 who don’t even know what their Galaxy S7 is capable of. If you want to bring the best out of your Galaxy S7, here are some Galaxy S7 tips and tricks.

Switch between TOUCHWIZ and Google Now:

Samsung has always been known for the TOUCHWIZ user interface it provides with all its Galaxy series mobile phones. And all smartphones had only one user interface in them. The TOUCHWIZ is good, but people are demanding the original Android user interface in the smartphones these days. If you want to enable the Google Now for a purer android experience, here is a simple Galaxy S7 trick to do this.

Head to settings > Applications > default and from there select google now as your default UI launcher. If the Google now launcher is not present there, you can download it from Play Store for free.

How I can change screens color saturation:

Samsung has been known to produce the best mobile screens in the world. The screens the Galaxy series have a crystal clear display. The Galaxy S7 has a display of 2560×1440 QHD resolution and is one of the best devices for viewing pictures and videos and its display ensures that the media are pin-sharp and vibrant. If you sometimes feel that the Galaxy S7’s color are a little bit over saturated and you would like to have a natural view of your screen, then here is a Galaxy S7 trick to do so.

Go to settings >Display > screen mode and from there switch to basic screen mode.

SD Card Slot Trick:

People who needed more space for their media and apps can now rejoice as the Galaxy S7 brings back the SD card slot with it. This means that you have at most 200 GB of free space to fill with all your apps and media. But this has one drawback that the SD cards are a little too slow as compared to the device’s internal memory. Buying a cheap SD card can mean some lengthy load times. To get the best out of your devices, external memory, make sure you buy a fast memory card that has a speed of at least 60 MB/s.

Recover Stolen Phone:

Buying a new phone and somehow losing it can be a terrible thing to happen, but it can happen. Android has introduced some smart and advanced features in an android device pre-installed. The Galaxy S7 also has this feature and it comes with the name of Android device manager pre-installed. If you somehow lose your phone, all you have to do is go to this website, login using your google account and then your device’s location will be shown there.

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