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Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Smartphone Features and Price

Already bored with your old phone? Despite all the work mobile developers and top phone companies put in to deliver a glorious user experience, there are still shortcomings. Whether it’s a shortage of space, apps crashing for no reason or poor compatibility, each new phone model tried to surpass its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017, Samsung Galaxy A3

Samsung is the favorite mobile set brand for Android users in particular because it really performs well with Android. As there are several versions of Android, every new phone release from Samsung comes with the updated version keeping things fresh and exciting.

If you haven’t checked out the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 then you absolutely must! It’s bound to be beautiful with Gorilla Glass 4 back panel that is sturdy and alluring. One of the perks of having a new release every few months is that Samsung users get to try the latest innovations. The phone is rumored to be available with either a Nano-SIM or Dual SIM option. Your eyes will remain glued to the amazing visuals it offers with a super AMOLED capacitive touch screen. You will be able to enjoy a high resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and greater than 312 ppi pixel density. Now that would be a thing of beauty. The touch technology is better than ever so your fingers glide effortlessly across the screen getting your task complete in seconds.

The Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 will possess the best in Android yet, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow), so a lot of popular apps and games will be running smoothly on it. The microSD card expands the storage capacity up to 256 GB besides the spacious 2GB RAM. Of course, you must wish to know about the camera specifics because selfies cannot be taken out of the equation. It has a 12 MP main camera with LED flash and at 8MP its front camera’s results will not be too shabby either. It also boasts all the cool features you can expect from the latest Samsung smartphone model making it a strong contender for a new phone. It is slated for release around mid-January next year.

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