When Samsung will launch a new browser for its VR wear

New VR Wear|Functionality of new web Browser:

Samsung is making new changing in its new VR gear, they are right now working on their new VR wear which will have the functionality of a new web browser. Now you will be able to use the internet in a new fashion, a new paradigm in which you can view the web pages in a manner which will let you view the web as if you are inside it.

Samsung is making a new browser for its VR wear

Samsung is making a new browser for its VR wear

Since now there are developments being made in the web browser, right now the resolution has been cut into half and the image quality might even fall because of the little camera lens that projects all the images of the VR wear.

But this would be a good deal for such people who want to walk around with their head set on all the times, as it will provide them the freedom to browse the web by only using voice control. The app will be available on all the VR wears and will be available on the Oculus store to be downloaded for free. The extension would be a great add on to the VR wear family and it might be a new beginning for the development of new apps for the VR wears.

There would be some technical difficulties as you would need the recent flagship phone of Samsung for trying this new app out, right now the app is under testing phase and is beta version has been rolled out. We can hope that all the bugs will be removed in a shorter amount of time then people think.

This would be a great strategy for Samsung to market their VR wears as this new feature would be unique and it would be taking a long time to develop such a new app, but there are rumors that Google is also working to make their version of Chrome for the VR wear.


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