Why Smartphone Blogs are so Popular

Smartphones are not just a status symbol any more (most of the time). They have become the most precious personal gadget in existence in these past few years. Your entire life is literally in the palm of your hand when you hold your smartphone. There are a million reasons to clutch your smartphone close to your chest least of all of which is that embarrassing selfie you took when you were in freak mode.

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Ask ten people around you, “What’s the first thing you do when you wake up every morning?” There is hardly a person out there who will not say, “I check my smartphone.” You might think people need to chill out and stop trying to stay in contact with others 24/7. The truth is slightly different from what you may have assumed. Remember the time when a wristwatch was one of your most prized possessions?

Admittedly, there are still fashionistas out there who love to flaunt their Burberry watches wherever they go. However, the majority has stopped grabbing their wristwatch when they leave the house unless it’s a “smart watch”. You can almost hear cute little Mickey Mouse watches crying over being abandoned. Sorry Mickey, we all can’t be Robert Langdon. When someone asks for the time, you instantly whip out your smartphone. Who needs alarm clocks anymore? Just open up your phone clock, set an alarm and wakeup to your chosen tune. All those “I woke up like this” selfies all the rage on Instagram wouldn’t have been possible without your cell phone lying conveniently on your bedside table.

Smartphone Craze

When a huge chunk of the world’s population is glued to their smartphones 24/7 do you really expect them not be a major part of the internet? Smartphone blogs are some of the most frequented websites online right now. Even the most famous technology blogs like The Net Web, Smashing Magazine, The Verge, Techcrunch, Mashable, WIRED and Engadget have entire sections dedicated to smartphones. However, the problem is that they have a limited selection of articles and publish what they feel like. Even though they offer amazing insight into the mobile industry, they are not able to give smartphone users the kind of content they need.

Think back on your day and list all the tasks you completed with the help of your smartphone. You woke up at the sound of your cell phone buzzing and checked the time bleary-eyed. You opened up your weather app and planned your outfit for the day. Everyone has some kind of virtual personal assistant that shows you your schedule so you can go through the timings every meeting in the morning. You have probably set reminders for all the important events like appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. so you don’t forget them.

You click pictures and record videos all day of things you want to capture in your memory. You take calls, send messages, surf the web on your mobile browser, play games, consult professional apps and do so much more. App developers have integrated special systems into smartphones that will allow you to control the electronic devices around you, transfer data between them and just add more features into your regular cell phone.

Product Sneak Peeks

Psst…..want to learn more about the Google Project Ara? Just do a quick search on your favorite smartphone blog and you can get tons of information about the developers, concept, release date, promotions, etc. Getting exclusive pictures, demonstrations and feature lists for products is one of the main reasons people loving such blogs so much. Doesn’t it feel awkward to always be the last one to know about a new release by a tech giant? Yeah, that won’t happen in the future if you subscribe to a smartphone blog that meets your personal criteria.

It’s been said a million times and it is still relevant every time it is spoken: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Instead of wasting your time and energy stalking the websites, official blogs, fan sites, social media groups or just nagging that friend of yours who works for that brand follow a smartphone blog. It’s that easy! You don’t get information about just one particular company. There are plenty of categories and keywords you can sift through quickly to discover the information you were looking for.

You don’t just get the basic information but insider leaks from developers and anonymous sources that make pretty good cases for their opinion. You can see how a well a product works and if it’s worth the hype even before its public release. Sneak peeks of videos, photos are often released as part of promotions. You could also sign up to try a beta version if that option is available and dampen your curiosity.

Updated Information

There are so many sources of information online and you don’t really know which ones are authentic. Many blogs post theories based on statements the companies have officially released in press conferences or through spokespeople. Their plans are always changing so it’s difficult for you to make a solid plan based on assumptions. More often than not, release dates are extended for months even if the previous one was really close. They have every right to do that but it does put a dent in your shopping plans.

Smartphone blogs are updated frequently so you will get fresh information from referenced reliable sources as soon as it becomes available. If you have some free time you could take a look at some of the predictions of smartphone bloggers for companies, projects, products, etc. They have considerable experience following these brands and understand how they think. They present the facts in a way that a common user could easily comprehend their meaning.

There are some amazing articles revealing the trends of mobile phone design, app development, phone companies, developers, etc. They give you the background information that people are generally not interested in collecting on their own. They show you the business side of companies which is often hidden from consumers. This is very helpful in explaining their decisions and anticipating their next move. There have been some surprising moves these past few years so you might want to prepare yourself with a bit of reading.

Smartphone Hacks

The worst thing for a cell phone user is owning a brilliant model but not knowing how to work it properly. Mobile developers are very skilled at their job but there is always something or the other which you cannot wrap your head around. This is where smartphone hacks and quick fixes come to save the day! Your Instagram keeps crashing? Consult the blogger who writes about your particular combination of model and operating system. Sometimes things are even less complicated than this. You might have accumulated so much junk in your smartphone that it became excruciatingly slow. Even after transferring all photos and videos to your PC it still won’t run smoothly?

There is a lot of app data that your phone keeps but you don’t really need. Usually, the default storage is located inside your phone memory. For instance, the “Sent” items in your Whatsapp are automatically kept in your phone storage under “Media”. You have to go delete things like these periodically. Besides this, there are handy apps like CM Security which keep your phone in top condition by alerting you when the memory is being used excessively, there are security threats or you have junk collected in it.

So, you can get solutions for all your big and small problems related to your smartphone. It’s not just about reading the articles. The bloggers also interact with readers via comments so you can ask specific questions you cannot find answers to.

Mobile App Reviews

One of the most attractive things about smartphone blogs is app reviews. If you visit the Google Play Store or iTunes, you will see millions of choices laid out before. You might have come to find a good ebook reader for yourself but the store will present a whole range of apps in this category to try. Not only that, it will show related categories as well. There are several ebook reader apps for various formats with plug-ins for formats not available in the original version. It all gets very complicated for a simple user. Thankfully, every app comes with a rating system, user reviews and main description. However, this is rarely satisfying. It is irksome to try app after app and not find the one app that will do precisely what you require.

Smartphone bloggers make it a point to review all the latest apps. The most hyped mobile apps are generally the ones you will see featured along with some rare finds. The in-depth analysis of that particular app along with its pros and cons is a lifesaver. The article tells you why you might like it and why you might loathe it so it becomes fairly easy to judge for yourself. The facts are all laid out for you including device compatibility, features, concept, user experience, user interface, etc. They also personally explain who they recommend the app to and why.

So the next time you want to try an app, check out what these bloggers have to say about it. Chances are you will save quite a bit of time and energy because they are very thorough and know what they are talking about.

Smartphone Releases

Everyone is going crazy over the next new smartphone to hit the market. It’s obvious that a phone is an electronic gadget with a fixed lifetime so you need to search for a better option before your previous one gives up on you. Besides sneak peeks, smartphone blogs collect all the specifications based on smart predictions and information given by the brand itself. You can hop over one of these blogs to learn all about the latest iPhone’s features. We all know that it becomes almost impossible to use an old iPhone model once the new one comes out. Apple simply doesn’t work that way. You need to have the right match of hardware to support the updated software or you will be left with a useless device.

If you are an Android junkie then you surely be obsessed with Samsung mobile phones. No doubt, Samsung has done a terrific job in catering to the majority left behind by Apple. Samsung is hugely popular in developing countries due to its wide range of models and budget-friendly phones. Android developers do have issues quickly bringing out fresh versions of apps that will work with the different Android operating systems out there. However, the consumer just sits back and enjoys the offerings. You can get the scoop on the latest Samsung phone or Nokia upcoming phone before it hits there market. Look into their archives for a list of Samsung smartphones so you can read all the details about them. These blogs really come in handy for product research this way.

Mobile game cheats

Gaming is one of the main attractions of having a smartphone. Even back in the old days, the charm of playing Snake was just too strong to resist. The general assumption is that mobile games are for kids or bored teens. Whenever a toddler is craving attention and you are too busy to provide it you just open up a game and hand your phone to the child. Mobile gaming is not just fun but also educational. Gaming has evolved into a sport so don’t disregard it so easily.

If you are an avid mobile gamer you must have tried hundreds of games on your smartphone. There are so many to choose from and it just depends on your personal taste. There are games that sharpen your memory and learning skills, reflexes or just provide a challenge in the form of a mystery or puzzle. Sometimes though, these puzzles can prove to be too tough. When a gamer gets stuck they need to move onto the next level desperately. Instead of wasting time on failed attempts, they can simply visit a mobile gaming blog to discover the cheats. These little tricks get you past that difficult level in no time so you can achieve all those bonus points and treats without any fuss.

Those who are new to mobile gaming might need a little help to get started so such blogs are ideal for them. They also offer lots of terrific recommendations based on the genre you’d like to play so keep an eye out for that.

Important Ratings

How many times have you seen articles starting with “10 Best” or “10 Worst”? These articles are actually quite helpful. The best smartphone bloggers take out the time to systemically study every aspect of an app, game or smartphone model to give their unbiased opinion. If you don’t have the time to read up lots of reviews or try out these products for yourself then these types of articles are perfect. Think of them as a bunch of reviews of different products belonging to the same category but brief. The great thing is that they add in links in all the right places so you can go read the full review or proceed to buy that product. Furthermore, the salient features of these products have been mentioned along with their pros and cons in a list or a short paragraph. They have also been compared with each other so it’s excellent if you were looking for something like this.

The rating system not only tells you which one was the best or the worst but why. It also reveals their positions in a group of products. So if you were stuck between two in particular, you could see how they are ranked and make an informed decision. For example, if you wanted an interesting games app for your Android device then you could use the keyword “best games app for Android”. These kinds of search queries give you instant results and often lead to useful ranking articles on such blogs.

Product Comparisons

Perhaps the most valuable section of smartphone blogs is their comparison posts. Since there are so many options out there in smartphones, it’s becoming increasingly hard to pinpoint the perfect one. Often there are only slight changes in the model’s specifications. There might be a color you really wanted in one model but the other does not have a nice camera. Storage space and processing power are also major considerations while buying smartphones these days. Developers from different companies are heating up the competition by incorporating innovation first into their models. However, the first to do it isn’t always the one who does it best.

You might be torn between a stunning Blackberry smartphone and a Nokia Android smartphone. Practicality does triumph over style these days and what lies inside is more important. Having an experienced mobile blogger breakdown the two competitor’s features, prices, pros and cons is sometimes instrumental in cementing your personal opinion. Not every phone is for everyone so getting recommendations from several smartphone bloggers is always a better idea. Although, most of them agree on the basic points there is often a difference of opinion and who they recommend those sets to.

If you are a loyal Apple user then you can check out a list of iPhones released in recent years along with full information on their updates, user experience and reviews. You can learn exactly what to expect from the new updates and what adjustments you will have to make. It’s not always good news but at least you will be prepared for the changes.

Android vs. Apple

There is a never-ending battle between Apple and Google which affects all Android and iOS fans so it’s always good to stay in the loop. You can hear the insider information developers and employees have to offer especially from a marketing and development aspect. They always announce their news through press conferences but interviews reveal a lot too. There are big changes as cutting edge technology is introduced at the development stage. It’s always a race to see who comes up with their product first. Google and Apple both have their merits and flaws when it comes to their end users. However, they both have a very different target audience and marketing approach. So, their services cater to their specific population of users. Still, millions of complaints come in after every update and release.

Bloggers do a great job of giving you information in a way that you can understand and tell you exactly what impact changes might have on smartphone users. You can subscribe to the blog that specializes in the brand you own or you could go for a more general information source. It helps to follow the smartphone market from these blogs and see where it’s heading in the future. You can become a smarter consumer by keeping up with what happens behind the scenes. The comparison posts are very good at showing the contrast between how Google and Apple used a new technology. For instance, artificial intelligence is under the spotlight these days so there’s a lot of talk about Google Virtual Assistant vs. Apple’s Siri.

Whether you want to know the features the latest iPhone will offer or you are just looking for a cool game to pass the time, smartphone blogs will not disappoint you. They have something for every smartphone user. There are so many features within your phone that you have probably never looked at closely. You can learn how to utilize their full potential as these bloggers explore every tiny element of a smartphone model. They can tell you all about its body and how good or bad it is even though most models look the same these days. They will translate complex technical lingo for you in a manner that you can readily digest. They bring you all the fresh news and updates on your favorite smartphone brand and operating system. They have so many interesting things for you so there really is no reason not to follow smartphone blogs.

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