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Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

 Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, Galaxy C9 Pro, c9

The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro just released last month and has generated a lot of buzz among fans of the Samsung Galaxy series and Android users in general. It amps the user experience with some dazzling features and a beautiful new look. It oozes luxury and class with its sleek body. Available in the unique colors gold and pink gold, this latest smartphone from Samsung has attracted a lot of female attention. It has a soft vibe but don’t be fooled because the inside is even better!

Powered by Android v6.0.1 (Marshmallow), the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro could potentially be the smartphone of your dreams. If have been meaning to give a loved one a smashing phone for Christmas then this would be ideal. Priced at $639 this little gem is definitely worth the money. Usually, smartphones have a screen size of around 5 inches but this beauty comes with a 6 inch screen! Yes, you heard it right: 6 inch screen. Not only that, the screen resolution is an amazing 1080×1920 pixels. Just think of all the movies and videos you will be able to enjoy with such terrific specs.

You will be blown away by its 6 GB RAM that is accompanied by an external memory expansion up to 256 GB. What more could you ask for? You can fit all your personal files, movies, music, videos, pictures and apps inside this one device. It also comes with front mounted Fingerprint technology to boost security and protect you from hackers. Its 4000 mAh battery ensures long lasting fun and professional usage. It offers a 16MP phase detection autofocus main camera with not one but two toned LED flash for bright photos no matter the lighting situation.  You can take panoramic photos and ensure that no one’s face comes out blurred with its face detection feature. This is one luxury phone not to be missed in the Samsung Galaxy series.

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