No matter how old school you are you cannot deny that technology plays a huge part in our daily lives. As they say, knowledge is power. So, grab some popcorn and let’s learn all about the newest treats technology has to offer us this year.

Technology News and Technology Hacks

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Take a peek at some of the craziest and most unbelievable inventions and innovations of this year. It’s not just something they make in labs anymore but this awesome technology will be available to consumers shortly or sometime in the future.

Stronger than Steel

This is the age of polymers in everything from industry to medicine; we have seen polymers rise above the other materials. They are often easy to synthesize in both a laboratory and on a large scale. Polythene revolutionized consumerism although their harmful effects on the environment came to be known later. The new “Super-material” is based on grapheme, an amazing substance for research. It’s tougher than steel, light-weight, affordable and possibly one of the best inventions this year. It is also pretty flexible and experimentation for future applications is on-going. This seems to be a wonderful construction material due to its physical and chemical properties.

Kinetic Warmth in Cars

Toyota has taken the concept of personalization and connection with personal devices to cars as well. Equipped with smart features and artificial intelligence elements, the new Toyota vehicles will offer more engagement between driver and car. There will be various indicators for the surrounding environment, condition of the vehicle, driver preferences, etc. Lights, sound and vibration are meant to be incorporated to help the driver communicate with their vehicle. The A.I. in question has been named Yui and will be directly interacting with you as you approach your car or sit inside it. The idea is exciting and the possibilities fun for everyone.

Synthetic Spider Silk

You know how different species of spiders are famous for their incredible creations with a silk they produce inside their little bodies. Spider silk is not only beautiful to look at and essential for the survival of these spiders but has also attracted the attention of scientists for its properties. So, a team of researchers has succeeded in developing spider silk under laboratory conditions. It can withstand considered tension yet remains flexible allowing these creatures to trap the unsuspecting prey in their webs. Fortunately, the synthesis has produced large amounts of artificial spider silk so there is hope for large scale applications.

From Toy to Tool

A major drawback of modern medicinal techniques is that they are quite expensive. This means that developing countries can rarely afford to establish elaborate setups to treat their patients. Healthcare needs to be affordable and accessible for everyone in the world. Manu Prakash, a biomedical engineer, has designed a piece of equipment not alike the centrifuge used widely today in labs. He was inspired by a traditional spinning toy. This medical device could be instrumental in diagnosis where the hospitals, clinics and labs cannot afford a proper centrifuge machine. Their work centers on developing cheaper alternatives to equipment related to the medical field.

Self-Driving Cars

You have probably seen astonishing viral videos on social media of cars which are moving without any driver behind the wheel. This is partly due to the ingenious nanoparticles developed by chemists and engineers working in this industry. The car is not out of control rather it is being operated via a remote device. It seems similar to the concept of drones, which have proven effective in several kinds of industries. A smart system integrated into these wonderful self-driving cars takes your personal preferences into consideration. So, your car can make adjustments you normally would have to do yourself every time you slid into the driver’s seat.

Kuri Robot (Friendly Robot)

Speaking of artificial intelligence, one simply cannot ignore the presence of Kuri, which has taken the robotics industry by storm. Kuri is an adorable robot which has been designed as a companion, assistant and caretaker. Although, its features are currently limited, there is vast potential in its system. It can look after your home so you don’t need to drag over a friend for house-sitting while you are on vacation. You can also control other devices via Kuri as ask it to narrate information including stories. Like Apple’s Siri, it can also provide answers to your questions.

Lego Boost

It’s true that Lego is amazing for playtime for a wide age range. However, playing is not the only thing you can do with it. Now, you can purchase the Lego Boost Kit, which aims to instruct kids in coding along with having fun. It comprises of a motor for power generation, a sensor for indications and of course, blocks. It comes with apps for both iOS and Android devices so the experience is not limited to the Lego Boost Kit. It is supposed to be a starter kit for future developers and programmers. So it would make a great birthday present for your little genius.

Sleep Number 360

It’s not just toys and cars which are upgraded using smart technology. Now, even your bed can be relied on to provide optimum results with the power lying in the palm of your hand. For a smart device to operate, it requires input which is fed through a bunch of sensors installed into the bed. The Sleep Number 360 is designed to give you ultimate comfort and convenience with temperature control for those cold winter nights. It also makes changes depending on the position you are lying in. It can heat only some parts of the bed as you prefer.

Smart Home Appliances

There are a couple of home appliances in the market already which operate based on your history or the settings you made previously. They take away the burden of customization from you and bring convenience after a long day at work. Griffin is an excellent example of a company that is focusing in this area. Your coffee machine, toaster and even your bathroom mirror may be connected to your network. This is linked to your smartphone so you can use one swipe or tap to get the job done instead of relying on manual labor.

Intelligent Televisions

Television manufacturers are focusing on Quantum Dot LED and OLED screens this year with great choices from brands like Samsung and LG. They are hardly 3mm thick but offer a wide screen experience with stunning picture quality and sound. The speakers are also installed in a manner that makes them nearly invisible adding to the product’s aesthetic appeal. There are also models from other companies that bring you smart options like control via Android devices.

Best Personal Tech 2017

No mention of technology news is complete without talking about smartphones. As you noticed before, smartphone technology has been integrated into various home appliances. So, having this one powerful device that helps you control others around you is indeed very important. Literally every aspect of your life can be fit into your cell phone. Let’s take a look at what the big giants have in store for you this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 MobilePhone

The Samsung Galaxy series has been very popular since its release with tons of new models pouring in each year. There are good fits for feature preferences as well as budget considerations. Samsung is all set to launch the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the middle of this year sometime in spring. Since artificial intelligence is big right now, this set will have a great virtual assistant. You will be able to communicate with it effectively and get help in every department. As far as looks go, Samsung might be unveiling its first folded smartphone.

Apple’s iPads

Smack in the middle of iPhones and Macbooks lies the exciting territory of iPads so everyone desires the lasts iPad in the market. This new product will also be launched in spring later this year so you have a lot to look forward to. You know how people are always complaining about size getting in the middle of work? Well the new iPads will offer some more screen sizes and enhance its signature stylus.

New Apple’s iPhone8

Something that really irks Apple fans is the necessity of getting a new iPhone set every time it hits the shelves unless they want to miss out on all the coolest updates of the season. It might be annoying but you are always guaranteed a fresh system that comes packed with even more features than before. Apple is going to complete ten years of its establishment this year so you know it will be something big!

Google Pixel Updates

Google will never accept being left behind as you can see it working hard not only on improving Android operating systems but also churning out amazing new devices every year. No doubt, the Google Pixel smartphone was fabulous although there are always updates required for a better user experience. Be prepared for a brand new version of that brilliant product this year rumored to have an excellent virtual assistant built-in.

Andromeda OS

After the world went crazy over the powerful Google Chromebooks, the company is all set to develop a brand new operating system. Appaently, the dozens of versions of Android florating around the world are not enough. Talk about ambitious! This new project for Andromeda operating system encompasses several devices. Google hopes to repeat its success with the Chromebooks by providing Andromeda OS on a laptop range as well.

Android Wear Watches

Everyone loves the Apple Watches so it seems like this is the one area where Apple has beat Google. However, Google has not admitted defeat but merely waiting to make a big splash with its very own Android wearable device this year. Google plans on developing aesthetically appealing wearables that have some real power in their systems. This new design will be distinct so the Apple Watch could have some tough competition.

Virtual Reality Goggles

If you haven’t yet heard of Virtual Reality seeping into the market then you have probably been living under a giant rock. You get to dive headfirst into your wildest gaming fantasies and interact with your favorite game characters. Several brands have come out with these VR Goggles but make sure to read a quick comparison of performance, price and requirements before purchasing any of them.

Fitness Wearables

The most popular variety of wearables is of course, the fitness ones. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are the ones who truly appreciate the awesome-ness of these. They are especially convenient for swimmers being waterproof and quite resistant. The regular fitness freak can get more affordable models that monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and measure the level of exertion you go through during your exercise regime.

Nintendo Switch

Finally, the biggest news of the year for gaming fans this year: the amazing Nintendo Switch/ This brand new gaming console supports all the latest and greatest titles released in recent years. The quality and performance is off the charts and it is portable as well. It will be available for consumers soon and operate via an output TV screen. Get ready for an adventurous year ahead gamers!

Xbox Scorpio

Fans of the Xbox One can rejoice as the latest release from Microsoft is guaranteed to knock your socks off! If you want the option of playing more titles than you can get both the Nintendo Switch as well as Xbox Scorpio. This way you can get access to all the exclusive titles that have the highest ratings. The high definition super-slim 4K televisions are an excellent match for the Xbox Scoprio so basically, you can kill two birds with one stone. The user experience provided by the combination of these two is bound to blow you away.

Technology Hacks

Since technology is everywhere around us, we might as well make the most of it. As we are not all developers and programmers, we often face difficulties while using personal gadgets. Even if you don’t understand the complexity of these devices, these brilliant technology hacks will make your life easier.

  • If you easily forget things and need to remember a few sentences then open up browser and type “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” in the blank address bar. Save that bookmark by name so it’s always there.
  • You might forget your passwords and are too cautious to save them in your system. a good idea is to reveal it by converting the password input type as text. So, you don’t need to keep a list of them hidden anywhere.
  • How many of your keyboards have faced an early grave because you were too hard on them and broke their feet. Don’t do that! Save your money and use binder clips to prop up your keyboard instead of throwing it away.
  • Don’t waste time going to Settings and Control Panel. Instead, create a shortcut on your desktop and name it “Control Panel Shortcuts.{ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c}”. So, now you get quick access.
  • There are many things you wish to keep hidden while browsing and may resort to deleting your history. Be smart and Go Incognito. Every browser has a secret browsing mode so put it to good use today.
  • A foodie or fitness junkie can look up nutritional values of various foods by typing “[food] vs [food]” in Google search engine. This way you can get a quick comparison and plan your meals accordingly.
  • You could bookmark a currency exchange rate website to use when needed. An alternative is to sue Google’s currency exchange rate feature that gives you a calculator as well for convenience currency conversion.
  • Do you love watching movies and TV shows on your iPad? You can mount it on your wall using wall hooks and just enjoy your favorite shows, YouTube channels, movies, etc. while munching on popcorn.
  • The default Calculator program that Windows offers is a blessing but people tend to confuse some of the buttons. The Clear (C) button will remove your entire calculation but the Clear Entry (CE) eliminates only the latest entry.
  • Legos are not just for playing. They are great for both kids and adults as you can make a nice Lego figure and stick a cable between its tiny hands to keep things organized and prevent accidental tripping.
  • When you are downloading programs, the downloader often saves an entire package of programs. Using Ninite, you can choose which programs to download to your system to keep it mess free.
  • Every bookworm needs HowLongToReadThis in their life. Now your “To be read pile” (TBR) can be organized properly and you can schedule reading sessions at your convenience.
  • Sometimes your job may require creating lots of accounts on different websites. Choosing a username is a real pain then. Namechk helps you by telling you what options are taken and which are not.
  • Disposable temporary email services are excellent for keeping your personal inbox clutter free and stop spam from invading every single day driving you insane.
  • Grownups often realize how stupid they were to have an account on every “cool” website out there so you can delete those accounts with the aptly named AccountKiller websites.
  • Those who multitask or if you are simply in a hurry, you might shutdown a browser tab by accident. You can prevent that by choosing to “pin” that particular tab on your browser.
  • Similar to keeping out spam from your private inbox, make sure you keep it clean. Type “unsubscribe” in the search bar of your mail service and then choose to leave the services you don’t want to hear from.
  • ThePriceGeek is like heaven for smart and frugal shoppers. You loved that pair of shoes but you can’t tell if they are original? Check their market price on this website to confirm.
  • Users who wish to use their Google search engine not based on their current location can type “” for this purpose. NCR means No Country Redirect so you browse in peace.
  • Foursquare is not just a wonderful place to get reviews and the ugly truth about popular and lesser known spots. You can ask for the free Wi-Fi passwords of these places there as well in the comments.
  • Since you cannot live without the internet, consult HotelWiFiTest to learn about the WiFi details of the hotels listed there during your travels.
  • If your Android phone has been snatched or you lost it somewhere you can go to the Android Device Manager to remotely dial your number, erase information or lock it. You could also use Google’s “Fine My Phone” option.
  • An avid sports fan will benefit greatly from this hack. If you place your binoculars right in front of your smartphone lens, you could record or view the match before you in zoom vision.
  • For all the students out there, you could Google “site:edu [subject] exam” while studying for a tough test or exam. This gives you lots of great study material in the results for better preparation.
  • Movie buffs can discover the direct download links for their favorite movies by searching with “[movie name] -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mkv|mp4|avi)”. For music lovers, just change the last section from part (mkv|mp4|avi) to (mp3|wma|aac|flac).
  • While doing an assignment, you can switch between upper and lower case by highlighting the words, hitting Shift+F3. So, you don’t need to move between your mouse or tracker and keyboard.
  • If you want to know what an article is all about and don’t want to read all of it at that moment just uses the Chrome extension called TLDR. You will know if it’s worth your time or of your interest easily.
  • Besides using the “Pin tab” option, you can also re-open a tab you have closed by mistake via the combination Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+T.

There you have it! Now you know all about the superb technology trends, products and services in store for you this year. Try the technology hacks that will change the way you operate your personal gadgets and make you a more efficient user.

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