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5 The Best Free Apps For Android

The best thing about having an Android device is the sheer number of apps released every week and the amazing variety you get to experience for free. There are some pretty pricey mobile apps out there so having the best free apps for android around to accomplish daily tasks is satisfying.

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AppLock Android Free App

Escape the curiosity of your annoying friends and family once and for all by downloading AppLock, which does exactly what it says: preventing others from accessing the apps on your phone. Your private conversations, photos, videos and audio stay hidden. Now, no one will be able to disturb your gaming experience by hindering your progress either.

Pocket Cool App For Android

If you are busy completing a task but come across something that captures your interest, simply save that link, document, photo, video or audio in Pocket. It is like your own personal virtual pocket that allows storage of all things cool in your online world.

Flychat App For Smartphones

Tired of opening up one app after another to answer different messages? Download Flychat to bring conversations and contacts from numerous instant messaging apps in one place. When your phone will ring indicating the arrival of a new message you can just handle it via Flychat.

Google Duo Best Free Android App

Everyone loves the experience of video chatting with crystal clear audio and high picture quality. Since, Google Duo is available for both Android devices and iPhone, you don’t have to worry about access. Just choose a contact and dial away to have a great time with your loved ones.

Best Notebook Android App

Never forget anything again with this helpful mobile app that allows you to write down all your ideas as they strike you. You may create checklists and write long paragraphs which are difficult to recall later on. This way you will always be prepared for your day with your virtual assistant to help you recall the important tasks and events.

Try out these highly recommended Android apps today to experience what you have been missing all this time. Equipped with a user friendly interface and offering a brilliant user experience, these apps are sure to make your life more enjoyable and your everyday work easier.


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