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5 The Best Free Apps For iPhone

If you own an iPhone then you have some of coolest mobile apps and hottest updates available to you as most mobile app developers give priority to iOS over other operating systems like Android. While several iOS apps are paid, there are the best free apps for iPhone to download now from the Apple Store.

Periscope Free app for iPhone

Now you can become a celebrity with your own live broadcasts using this nifty little app. It has everything you would need to do a live stream with great sound and video quality. Basically, your followers may view it within 24 hours before it goes poof!

Whatsapp Most Downloaded App for iPhone

SMS has become a thing of the past with mobile internet and free Wi-Fi taking over the social scene. The leading app for instant messaging is Whatsapp whether you own an iPhone or Android device. Send quick messages, videos, emojis, photos and what not.

Instagram Most Popular iPhone App

It doesn’t matter if you are camera shy, just follow your beloved celebrities, brands, photographers, beauty gurus, chefs, bloggers, etc. to get a beautiful feed full of photos that spark your interest and inspire you. It’s a terrific platform for social media marketing offering geo-tags, filters and video options.

Tumblr Good App For iPhone

A dreamland for bloggers and creative writing enthusiasts, the Tumblr app has changed the way people tell and share stories. Add images, gifs and memes to make your blog post more intriguing. It’s perfect for professionals as well as amateurs just ranting about their topic of choice. Not a writer? Just follow the excellent recommendations and enjoy fresh content.

Dropbox Essential iPhone App

Cloud storage is the ultimate solution for iPhone users who have heavy apps eating up their memory, too many music tracks to count or just a million selfies sitting in their SD cards. Now, you can transfer all your important files, photos and videos to your Dropbox account, which may be accessed from anywhere your account exists.

These iPhone apps are among the most downloaded apps at the Apple Store. Browse through these amazing free iPhone apps and learn what all the hype is about. You just might discover your favorite new mobile app from this list.

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