Top 5 best android smartphones in the year 2016

About Top 5  best android smartphones:-

Android continues to impress the users by producing a number of amazing smartphones each year. With each release comes an amazing feature. When it comes to a smartphone, android has the largest share in market as compared to iPhone. Although there are many android smartphones which have gained success but here we would discuss about the top 5 android smartphones for the year 2016. This article would help users to select which android smartphones they need to buy out of these top 5 mentioned below.

1: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge:

new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone 2016

The android smartphone on the top of the list is Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. It is considered as one of the best-selling android smartphones of the year 2016. Users have reported to be highly satisfied with respect to its performance and other qualities mentioned under;

  • It is one of the fastest android smartphones.
  • The battery life is the longest.
  • Curved screen with edges.
  • Best camera quality.
  • The device is water proof.


2: Samsung Galaxy S7:Samsung Galaxy S7 for android mobile phone 2016


There is not much difference between Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Samsung Galaxy S7. The difference lies only in the structure of the screen. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge as the name indicates has a dual curved screen whereas Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t. Both seem to be quite similar and have made quite a flashy strike in the list of top 5 android smartphones. Both the devices have similar features.

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3: Google Huawie Nexus 6P

Google huawei Nexus 6P has the Android Marshmallow mobile 2017

Nexus 6P comes on number 3 in the list of best android smartphones of the year 2016. The specifications described don’t really make a smartphone worth using. What really makes it get fame in the market is the reviews people give after using it. Nexus 6P has the Android Marshmallow and is quite famous due to its following prominent features.

  • It has fast camera sensor.
  • Great camera quality.
  • The speakers are of great quality.
  • It is also being appreciated by the users for its use with Project-Fi.

4: BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv is the best android smartphone in 2016

BlackBerry Priv is also one of the top 5 android smartphones which can be recommended to the users. It is well known and has gained much success as it has the Android Marshmallow software too. What makes BlackBerry attain a significant place in the list is:

  • The software update has fixed the headphones’ issue.
  • It has captivating keyboard which is quite good in use.
  • A fine display.

5: HTC 10

HTC 10 is the best android smartphone in 2016 for android users

HTC continues to inspire the users with its every model launched so far. It is quite a success because of its metal frame and the fact that this is one of the android smartphones which never stuck.  The following features that made HTC 10 acquire a place in the list of the best android smartphones for this year are;

  • Sleek metal design.
  • The audio quality is better than any of the above mentioned android smartphones.
  • It has a great camera.
  • The option for Adoptable Storage is one of the best features found in HTC 10.

After testing every handset released in this year, these are the top 5 android smartphones that take the cake in the year 2016.

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