Top 6 Hidden iPhone 6 tricks but you did not knew 2016

Top 6 iPhone 6 tricks you didn’t know:

Top 6 hidden iPhone 6 tricks in 2016

iPhone 6 is Apple’s finest and the first one with Apple’s new and stylish design. If you’ve just bought an iPhone 6 and are new to the iOS world then there are many things that you’re not aware of. Even people with years of experience with the iOS have forgotten or still don’t know about these iPhone 6 tricks. iPhone 6 is a must have phone with a lot of are many tricks to get the best out of your iPhone and here we’ll provide some of the best iPhone 6 tricks that you might don’t even think your iPhone could do.

Take Pictures with Headphones:

You can actually take a picture using the volume up button on the official iPhone headphones using the camera app. This is a helpful iPhone 6 trick for people who like taking pictures while listening to music or if you have your iPhone on a tripod to ensure a steady photo.

Shake to Undo:

If you’ve typed something wrong and need to undo it, where touching will only undo a selected text, you can shake your iPhone 6 to undo all the error message you’ve typed. A very handy iPhone 6 trick for text crazy people and works on iMessage, and other default apps.

Accessibility function:

If you’ve got children or little kids that have access to your iPhone then it can be a little problematic if the kind of accidentally deleted some useful data or something important from your iPhone. This iPhone 6 trickprevents such things from happening. To enable this, go to settings and tap on General. And then enable Guided Access by going to the Accessibility page.

Teach SIRI to pronounce some words:

Siri is iPhone’s best ever feature as a personal assistant and uses its own natural language for this purpose. It usually miss pronounce some words or doesn’t understand our pronunciation. You can simply say this to Siri “This is not how to pronounce” and Siri will give you some alternatives to the word it misspelled. A very helpful iPhone 6 trick.

Phone flashes for text messages:

Sometimes the vibration is not enough for you to be alerted for a message. Something else is also required. For this purpose, you can use your mobile’s LED flash for a message alert. To do this, go to settings then general and from accessibility turn, Led flash alerts on. A very helpful iPhone 6 trick for Text loving people.

One Handed:

As the screen size has gradually increased in the new iPhone 6, it is sometimes hard for us to reach the top corner of the mobile phone with one hand. For this purpose, Apple has installed a really good iPhone 6 trick that turns your screen in half from the top. That lets you easily access the top of your iPhone. To do this, you have to double tap the iPhone 6 home button, remember don’t hold the button, just double tap it. When you double tap it, The top part of the screen UI will float down and you’ll be able to access that without using the second hand.

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