Top best 5 iOS Music Apps on iOS in 2016

Top best 5 Music streaming apps in 2016

top 5 music apps for iOS users in 2016

Music is the best thing that ever happened to this world and also the best way to kill boredom. Music brings color to the world and it is impossible to imagine the world without music. 99% of this world listens to music. Music can be used anytime, while playing, running, reading and even studying. iPhone has the Apple Music by default, but if you want to try some other apps then we’ll be providing a list of some Music Apps. There are almost a zillion music apps on the Apple store but we’ve list some of the best iOS Music apps out there.

Sound Cloud:

Sound Cloud is getting better and famous and also expanding day by day. The best iOS music app out there should be the sound cloud. It has all the music of the world. You just have to search for the song and a list comes from which you select the song. The song gets synced with your device and you can even listen to it offline. It also has a feature where you can record your own song and let others hear and comment on it.


Somewhat similar to the sound cloud, SPOTIFY is a rather new software as compared to sound cloud, and also has a better design hence making it one of the best iOS music app. It has all the features like the sound cloud. You search for the music in the search box and then select the song. The song will stream and start playing. If you want to save the song for offline use, there will be a toggle at the top right of the song, turn that toggle on.


iHeartRadio is a free music app available on the App store and one of the best iOS music apps with many great features covers almost every music and every genre of this world. It can also be used as a radio. It lets the user select all the music the user feels fit for his mood. There are almost 450000 different singers in this app and all of the songs from them is also present. The best thing about this app is that you can make your own custom playlist.


Tidal is simply designed for music freaks. This streaming music app host up to 25 million music tracks and also has an option to download them and use them for offline mode. The best part about this app is that it has quick access to the music videos of the songs you’re listening to making it one of the best music app in the app store.


Musixmatch has some very unique and useful uses in itself. As all the music apps only play music, this app’s best feature is that it also shows the lyrics of the song you’re listening too and if you’re listening to a music somewhere else and need to know the name of the song, then you’re just one tap away. You can also search music by lyrics in this app.

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