Which Linux distribution is best for hacking?

How to choose from number of different distributions of Linux:

Linux is the current O.S that’s the best for hacking and other stuff that’s to restricted in Mac and impossible in Windows. Linux has great attention from people who are from the fields of network security and ethical hacking. In linux setting up a server and playing around with the internal network commands is as easy as one single line of code, on the contrary in windows there is a specific interface designed for it, for rookies that might be useful but as a professional network administrator that’s not the best idea. As you don’t have all day to start and reboot a network if an error occurs midway.

Why choose Linux if you are a hacker

Why choose Linux if you are a hacker

So which one would the best distribution, well to start there is no such thing as the best distribution every distribution is great and has its own features. The question then is which distribution is right for you.

Best O.S for Network Engineers?

Well starting with Network Engineers that have to work all day with servers, IP’s, protocols and all those layers can be a bit grumpy if they use distributions like Ubuntu or Debian. That are meant for software development or to say meant for normal users. So for them Solaris would be the best options. Its smart and compact and has minimal loading time as interfacing is maintained to the minimum possible level also the grub layering is always kept up to date and different network tweaks are given now and then so that would be great to use if you’re worked is involved with networks.

Best O.S for Ethical Hackers?

Next up say if you’re an ethical hacker playing with SQL injections and other stuff that require you to run multiple software’s and equipment’s required for testing and running in the background of the network, for that approach the suggestion of Kali Linux would be the best as it has a great interface and all great tools for managing intense work.

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