Which search engine is best for hacker Censys or Shoden?

Censys is the best search engine for hackers right now:

Censys is the new version of search engines which is an engine designed to have information of all the devices connected to the internet, it does that for all the devices which are open for any security flaw. Yes that means that all the devices that have a security flaw would be listed on this search engine. This engine is quite similar to the previous hacker engine Shoden but it has a bit more advanced model to search the devices that can be targeted. Researchers from University of Michigan made

Censys is the best search engine for hackers right now

Censys search engine

this engine in an attempt to make the internet a safe and secure place for everyone.

Achievements by this Engine:

This engine was launched in the mid of October and guess what it is powered by none other than Google itself. The researchers say that they intend to make the internet a better place to work and learn, without the fear of getting hacked and all. Recent researches have been made by this engine, a group of scientists have made a report that manufacturers are using the same cryptography for all the IOT (Internet of Things) devices over the past years, which makes hackers enable to decode it resulting in over 3 million devices open to them.

How does this work?

The researchers have developed an algorithm which scans the IPv4 addresses of all the routes made by routers in the whole internet for that they have to scan individual devices and their specific IP addresses. Censys traverses through each websites sources and checks for how is it build out pointing out all the security flaws that may be breached if someone gets to know them, so it enlists in the danger category. The researchers then after search the data via an SQL engine.

It also uses two add-ons in its service which are:

  • ZMap – an open-source network scanner.
  • ZGrab – an application layer scanner.

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