Which tool UK Government might start using for spying on you

UK Government|Kid’s Toys and Smartphones are using for spying on you:

The recent Power Bill approved by the UK Government and parliament states that every internet connected device can be used as a method to collect information on you for security purpose. It could be your smart phone for collecting your information related to your current location via your GPS information. It could be your transaction record that you use via your phone payments.

It could be anything or any device that you use that is connected to the internet by any means. This idea was to ensure that the concept of you being watched at all the times is maintained to ensure every means of security by the Govt. But the idea is a bit absurd, as claimed by Antony Walker who is deputy CEO of technology and trade association in UK.

UK government spy on you via toys and smartphones

UK Government spy on you

Why The recent Power Bill is against the Basic rights of People’s:

While addressing to the parliament he stated that these bills could lead to complete violation of privacy rights of the people. The idea to use every device connected to the internet for surveillance is just too much hypocritical. As now a days each toy used by children is connected to the internet would that also be used to watch over people from their houses.

Children can’t be playing around with their toys any more with the people fearing that the UK government will be seeing what they are doing in their homes. Even so if they are no doing anything wrong but the idea of some else watching them is just against the privacy laws. The UK human laws don’t allow such sort of hold on the people. To think that you are sitting in your balcony having a quality time with your family and the MI6 is watching each of your action even if you are not doing anything wrong that’s just not fair to start with so this Bill needs some amendments in it.

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