Why does windows users to upgrade their windows 7 & 8?

People using Windows 7 and 8 are forcefully being trapped into upgrading to Windows 10:

Microsoft is trying to get the maximum no of users for their new version of windows and it comes with no surprise, the reason is quite obvious. They had announced this to be their final version of the Windows line up with further improvements being added on by updates. So Microsoft wants that all of their Windows users get themselves upgraded to Windows 10, even those who are loving their Windows 7 or 8.1.

Right now the windows 10 upgrade pop-up is being shown very frequently

windows 10

Windows 10 Upgrade Strategy becoming more Aggressive:

People are sending off many support request to Microsoft’s website as they are being constantly bugged to update their O.S to windows 10.  Even after they had set the update option off. This is a part of Microsoft’s new strategy as they want all of their current users to come into the life of Windows 10. People really feel much more comfortable with their windows 7 and 8.1. But Microsoft just wants them to update themselves and for that they are now altering with their O.S as the upgrade option is disabled and now you can’t turn it off. In some places people have set the option to off find it reset to optional after one day. This is really cunning for people as they don’t want this pop up blocking their screen again and again.

Windows 10 Update Being offered Several Times:

Right now the windows 10 upgrade pop-up is being shown very frequently, at the time of its release this pop up was really useful as people upgraded and windows 10 has millions of users in just its first release week. But Microsoft has not settled down with this achievement they want more users to join even if they are not willing to upgrade this pop up is being show so many times that the user has no choice but to let its O.S update in the end or in most worst cases change their O.S to any Linux distribution (which would be a good choice tough).

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