Why Founder of Debian Linux Ian Murdock dies at 42

Ian Mardock committed suicide?

It is always painful for such a great soul to die and part his ways from us. Ian Murdock was one of the people who was greatly regarded as a great guy by the internet community and was loved by people who haven’t even seen him for real. He was one of the profound founders of so called Linux distribution creation. His Debian Linux package was widely appreciated by Linux users and it served as a major computing platform for many people who prefer open source operating systems (UNIX/LINUX) but want a certain level of interface to run their basic operations. He also developed the apt-get protocol which proved a vital backbone in the uplift of the open source platform.

Founder of Debian Linux Ian Murdock dies at 42

Ian Mardock

He was strong and committed with the Linux foundation from the very early days before Windows came and he remained loyal to this platform until his very death.

Did he commit suicide?

Another major trauma that’s going wild on the internet is the cause of his death, some say this death wasn’t natural this might be murder. This statement made ground because of his twitter post in which he had deliberately said that he was going to commit suicide and that he was not happy how people are treating him for certain affairs. His tweet was:

Founder of Debian Linux Ian Murdock dies at 42 HIS TWEET WAS

“I am committing suicide tonight ..do not intervene as I have many stories to tell and do not want them to die with me”

Many speculated on this tweet but most people thought that this was just a fake post and his account has been hacked by someone who tweeted this. He made some significant posts about his experience with the state police about his case in which he was charged. He told that he was beaten up and was being treated badly by the police, these posts were made on Monday and people speculated this as a fake post and just let it all go but when the news of his death came out people were in shock. They hadn’t expected that tweet to be fake.

After the incident there hasn’t been any sort of news from his family members. The San Francisco police has also denied these sort of questions and have said that they have nothing to do with his. They are trying to find out why were those posts made, the fact that this could be a forced suicide makes this event a murder is also in observation of the police. Now if the police was a part of it then the case isn’t going anywhere as it was their legal duty to do so and obsession over their this is not their responsibility.

He founded the Debian Linux way back in 1993 and was one of the major contributors to Linux he was the CTO of the Linux foundation. He had also worked at the Sun Microsystems back when Sun was still there. Now his legacy comes to an end, May his soul rest in peace.

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