Why Google Calendar is Down in 2015 what reasons are?

Google Calendar has been down since 11 AM ET, due to internal server errors and while we visit the app it has several messages to indicate us that the site is not running in various languages, this was because of the internal issues of the site which is why they had to put it down for some time to fix the web and the down time is variable right now, which could be or not be added up even further if the issues don’t get resolved as soon as possible.

Google Calendar is need for everyone

Google Calendar

People have addressed their concerns over this issue and asking that, now how will get to their meeting places and organize their schedules for their time table has been lost and their time is being wasted. Google has always promised quality but has lacked up for the first time with this service, people all over the world have cranked up their schedule because of this app. Many who make offline schedules have addressed pleasure in this concern that they were good without it from the very start. But the problem is still there for regular users who have been waiting to get their routine back.

Google is on it to fix this issue but it may be taking a few more hours or so. Meanwhile we can enjoy and have our time because people really want is just an excuse to take a day off and I guess this is more than an excuse that I couldn’t keep up with our meeting time because of the lost timing details. Many have expressed in this way too, especially office people who had people meeting up with them and had an online schedule from their offices, well they can walk straight up to their bosses and say “Go fire Google”.



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