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Top 5 WiFi Hacking Tools

One of the worst nightmares of living in this modern age is the sudden deprivation of technology. Sometimes a person feels utterly useless without their smartphone. It feels as if you have been transported into the Stone Age and your live has lost all meaning. The thing we love the most after our phones is free Wi-Fi. If you don’t have a good mobile internet plan then free Wi-Fi is your best friend. We need to stay in touch with the world through the internet. All our friends, games, books, movies and social media maybe accessed instantly with a high speed Wi-Fi. So, if you find yourself unable to discover free Wi-Fi and you are desperate for an internet signal then try these tried and tested top Wi-Fi hacking tools.

1. Aircrack-ng

This is a whole software package for all things Wi-Fi. It does a lot more than simply allowing access to secure Wi-Fi networks. It is excellent for monitoring, capturing packets and sending over data to be processed by third party tools. It uses packet injection to generate fake access points as well.

2. AirSnort Cracks Tool

This crafty little genius gathers packets while monitoring transmissions from various surrounding Wi-Fi networks passively. Once enough packets have been collected it cracks the encryption keys ensuring you have an uninterrupted signal to get work done using that internet connection.

3. Cain and Able Hacking Tool

This software is basically developed to recover passwords but it also performs the function of unscrambling passwords and decrypting the encryption keys others have set for their secure Wi-Fi networks. This way you can hack into a previously unavailable Wi-Fi network around you.

4. Kismet Hacking Tool

You may also install Kismet to gain access to Wi-Fi networks that you don’t have the password to because it sniffs the packets and decodes the hidden passwords granting you access to the network. What makes it one of the top Wi-Fi hacking tools is that it also provides security to those who install it.

5. NetSlumber Networking Tool

This is a wireless networking tool that detects surrounding Wi-Fi networks and reports back to you about their availability and signal strength. Then it decodes the passwords for the one you choose. It also protects your own secure network from being hacked.

So always have one of the top Wi-Fi hacking tools by your side as you never know when you might need to access the internet in an emergency but find yourself out of service for some reason. These wifi hacking tools can help you to make a good hacker.


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